How To Develop Posture In Your MLM Business

How To Develop Posture In Your MLM Business

The other night I was on a webinar on How To Develop Posture In Your MLM Business.  The trainer was a gentleman Chris Carroll who is a recruiting monster.

This was a private team webinar so unfortunately I won’t be able to share the replay, but I hope the tidbits that I can share will change how you approach recruiting and the mindset that you have.

Are you one of those people when someone you are prospecting brings up an objection immediately moves into the defensive mode?

Then this post is EXACTLY what you need.  When we jump to the defensive mode we immediately come across with weakness and the prospect can smell this and takes the upper hand.

The last thing you want your prospect to think is that they are your next meal or that you are desperate!

Thoughts of the NON-Postured in Their MLM Business


Chris Carroll

⇒   What do I say if they say it is a Pyramid?
⇒   What if they won’t give me their number?
⇒   I really hope they don’t think I’m Weird.
⇒   What if they say “what is it?”
⇒   I don’t think I can do it.
⇒   Nobody wants to join my deal.
⇒   I hope this works.
⇒   I’m gonna try.
⇒   This doesn’t work.

How many of you have had any or all of these thoughts?  I sure have!

What NOT To Do to Develop Posture

⇒  Beg, Chase, Convince or Bug!
⇒   Act small, weak or desperate!
⇒   Have any addiction to the outcome!
⇒   Let other people’s opinion affect you.
⇒   Get hung up on ANY prospect.
⇒   Give Up ANY Control.
⇒   Be Passive.

The Difference Between Warm vs Cold Market

⇒  Your warm market knows you. This may be good or not.
⇒   Your cold market doesn’t know about your past, your struggles or your results.
⇒   Since your cold market doesn’t know you, you can have any posture you want!

I love this quote on posture in your MLM Business by Ray Higdon – [perfect_quotes id=”9180″]

In the training, he gives a lot of examples from the movie “The Matrix” which I thought were great.Neo stopping bullets matrix Develop Posture

Here’s my favorite quote…. [perfect_quotes id=”9183″]

In this picture, Neo becomes bullet proof just like we should be when we are prospecting.

How Do Postured People Think

⇒  Not at All addicted to the outcome.
⇒   Would rather qualified people.
⇒   Quick to take it away.
⇒   They WILL follow me if they want to change their life.
⇒   I am here to offer them the opportunity of their entire lifetime.
⇒   I can’t wait to change this person’s life, see them on stage, see them quit their job, see them spend more time with their family, etc.

Here is the list of things that Chris talked about on how to develop posture.

Voice Tonality and Inflection

⇒   Sound “Like a Boss.”
⇒   Use tonality to your advantage.
⇒   Speak low, loud, clear and fast.
⇒   Express leadership, assertiveness, and security not uncertainty, passiveness and doubt in yourself.
⇒   Voice inflection is key, especially towards the end of a sentence.
⇒   Authoritative, or matter-of-fact, Inflection with the same tone, or even slightly downward, will make all the difference.
⇒   Use pauses effectively.

Do I Have Posture?

⇒  Have an abundance mindset
⇒   Maintain your power and manage the energy.
⇒   Be the person that you would want to follow.
⇒   Are you bullet proof?  Can you take a punch and get back up?
⇒   Can you brush it off and say next?
⇒   Do you keep control no matter what?
⇒   You always move forward out of strength.

[perfect_quotes id=”9190″]

How To “Create Posture”?

⇒   Craft a Strong Vision.
⇒   Use Your Product.
⇒   Use the stories from your upline until you have your own.
⇒   Believe in yourself and in what you are doing, with absolutely ZERO doubt.
⇒   Whatever it is that gets you fired up, do it before each interaction.
⇒   Hang around the successful people that have posture and study how they act.

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Well, there you have it.  Again I apologize that I can’t share the replay with all the incredible knowledge and wisdom that Chris gave us, but I hope this will help you take on a posture of strength as you build your MLM Business.

I leave you with one of my favorite video clips on what POSTURE really is!

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