[Mindset] Are You A Hunter Or A Fisherman When It Comes To Prospecting?

[Mindset] Are You A Hunter Or A Fisherman When You're Prospecting?So what are you a Hunter or a Fisherman when it comes to prospecting and building your Network Marketing Business?

There’s a big difference on how these two operate and a BIG difference on how it affects your building.

At first thought you probably think I want to be a hunter and, to be honest, most new Network Marketers are hunters.

So let’s analyze the difference between the two and how it relates to prospecting and your mindset in Network Marketing.

Let’s start with the Hunter and look at how they operate.

Video: Are You The Hunter Or The Hunted When Prospecting?

The Hunter and Prospecting

  • Hunter with BinocularsHere Are Some Points About Hunters.
  • They use camouflage to disguise themselves.
  • They lie in wait for their prey to cross their path while they are hiding.
  • They will track for hours and days to find their prey and then hide.
  • Use a weapon to take their prey down for the kill.


Waiting forThe FishTo Come To HIMHere Are Some Points About Fisherman.

  • They use Bait to entice the Fish To Them.
  • They go where the fish are and other them value with food.
  • They wait until the take the bait and ask to be caught.
  • As long as they are patient and offer the right bait they will be successful.

So, now the question is do you want to be sitting around in camouflage and hiding from those you would want to prospect or would you rather have the right bait and value and have prospects hunting you down.

When it comes to prospecting and building my Network Marketing Business I want to be the Hunted, not the Hunter.

It’s what’s called Attraction Marketing.

I have learned so much about this from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon.  He is the expert on how to become a fisher of men and become the hunted.

If you are looking to become a fisherman and be hunted you need this course from the expert.

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