Prospecting Secrets From Top Recruiter Cedrick HarrisHow would you like to hear some Prospecting Secrets from Master Recruiter Cedrick Harris from an interview with another Master Ray Higdon?

First, I want to give all the credit to Ray Higdon and Cedrick Harris for the info that I’m going to share today.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cedrick Harris, he is a million dollar earner that’s recruited over 3,000 people.

Here’s the link to the interview with Ray and Cedrick.

Prospecting Secrets From Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris

The first question he was ask was when do you call back leads?

His answer was very clear, as soon as you get the leads information!

Cedrick then went on to share his method of connecting with all of the prospects he called.

Here is his secret!


This method has been used for years, and Cedrick is a master at using it.

Prospecting Secrets – FORM

So, what exactly is FORM?

It’s a pretty simple formula to build a quick relationship with your prospect.

F – Family

This step is where you find out about their family and what drives their family.

O – Occupation

This step is all about what they are currently doing for a living and how they feel about it.

R – Recreation

This step is all about what they love to do for fun personally and with their family.

M – Money/Motivation

This final step is about finding out what motivates them in life.

That’s all there is to this formula.

Simple and straightforward and WORKS!

The key to this simple system is to use it.

You need to use it and use it and use it until if becomes second nature to your prospecting formula.

Prospecting Secrets From Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris – Summary

So, in conclusion, this easy but powerful system has been used by a top recruiter to recruit over 3,000 people.

If it works for one person it WILL WORK for you if you put it into ACTION!

Please don’t over think this and just use K.I.S.S.

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