Are Your Prospects/Teammates Coachable!

Being Coachable. I Teach You Learn

Being Coachable. I Teach You Learn

Being coachable is probably one of the most important attributes of a new team member.  If your new teammate is NOT Coachable then I guarantee it’s going to be an uphill battle all the way and not much fun for anyone.

The great news is there are some great ideas out there and I’m sure you all have heard them or experienced that new rep or prospect that just thinks they have a better way and everything that has worked in the past just isn’t the way for him or her.

So we need to find out if our prospects are going to be coachable and for sure when a teammate comes asking for help.  The first thing I find myself asking someone these days is the old “Karate Kid” say… “I agree to teach you and you agree to learn.”

The whole purpose in that exercise was to teach Daniel Son to be coachable no matter how ridiculous it might seem to him.  Wax on Wax Off!!!!

Having a team that is coachable is so very important to the growth and duplication of the team.  If everyone is going about doing what they believe is the best way to build and training than the average person joining your team will end up being very confused.

By finding out how coachable your prospect is going to be will save you a lot of time if and when they become part of the team.  In Ray Higdons article on “Creating the Lifestyle that You Love” he gives 5 points in which point number two is to be Coachable.

The first place to start is for you to be coachable.  Your team will follow what you do not what you say.  If you are talking to them about being coachable and following your system that you designed and that system and what you are doing is not in line with the team you are a part of, well you get the point.

Congruency and setting the standard as the leader of your team is imperative.   If you company and top leaders have a system that is creating financial wealth and a lifestyle you desire then be Coachable and your team will follow you on your vision.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!  Your are the student before your are the teacher.  You will need to be both as they are both very important.

Well enough of my ranting.  Suffice it to say make sure you are working with prospects and teammates that are willing to be Coachable and Teachable and make sure you are doing the same.

I hope you have got some value out of this and will share it with your team and comment below.

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