Awesome Proven Strategies From Top Earner Academy Part 1

Awesome Proven Strategies From Top Earner Academy Part 1

Today was the start of what I can only call an EPIC Event.  The Final Top Earner Academy with hosts Ray and Jessica Higdon.

I’m going to be doing a 3 part recap of this incredible event starting today.  I can tell you that so far it is OFF THE HOOK!

Over the next 3 days, we are going to be learning some proven strategies from some of the Top Earners in this great Profession!

If you haven’t got your Live Stream tickets yet they are still available at the discount price while Top Earner Academy is still going on.

Thursday Morning at TEAL

The morning started with Jessica telling her story which was so real and heartwarming.  Talk about understanding that everyone goes through life and the key is GOES THROUGH!

Next, we had a quick session with Mark Harbert on Video Marketing.

I love what Mark had to say about creating videos – “You don’t have to be perfect to start, but you have to start to be perfect.”

The next session was with Ray on Recruiting. Talk about awesome, wow!

I can’t even begin to give you all of what he trained on, but here are just a few high points.

  • I’m going to work until/in spite
  • You Have to be okay with NO’s…Stop trying to close everyone.
  • Maintain your power and manage your energy
  • Invest in YOU
  • Pattern change…feel the FEAR and Do It Anyway!
  • Don’t be addicted to the outcome.
  • Amateurs practice until they don’t get it wrong, Professionals practice until they CAN’T get it wrong.
  • You need to get eyeballs on your presentation if you are going to be a Top Earner… no Exceptions!

He talked about: 

  • Warm Market Differentiation
  • Burnt Market Differentiation
  • The Cold Market
  • Follow Up

After Lunch at Top Earner Academy Live 3

Here are my tidbits from the afternoon sessions at TEAL.

Jessica Nelson – Team Culture

  • What you focus on you improve on.
  • What you nourish, flourishes.
  • Scattered Focus, Scattered Results
  • Whatever is Rewarded is Repeated.

Ray Higdon – Team Building

  • Become a King/Queen Maker.
  • Become a Story Maker of Other People.
  • See people for where they could be, not where they currently are.
  • Don’t allow people who are negative utilize all your time.
  • People need to earn your time and you need to earn theirs
  • Teach to Teach so you can go to the Beach.  Create  reusable resources. (videos, audios, pdf’s)

Cesar Rodriguez – Closing

  • The “Agreement Frame”
    “I agree with you and would add____”
  • The “Redefine Pattern”
    “It’s not about X it’s about Y”
  • The “Perceptual Context Frame”
    Reframe the Context & Comparison

Jessica Higdon – Team Building

  • 80/20 Rule… 80% of the time give value/engagement – 20% of the time make an offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself (if something makes you mad, say so!)

Ray Higdon – How To Change The World

8 Ways to improve the World

  1.  Practice More Gratitude
  2. ILT
  3. Forgive
  4. Get Uncomfortable
  5. Limit Negative Talk About Others
  6. Have Winning Habits
  7. Being Happy is better than Being Right.
  8. Use Serving Language.
  9. Make a Decision!!!!   Bonus!

So that was the first day of Top Earner Academy and if you still haven’t got your Live Stream Tickets you are really missing out…. the best is yet to come.

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