Course Review: Ray Higdon’s The 3 Minute Expert!

Course Review: Ray Higdon's The 3 Minute Expert!

Every so often I will be blessed and come to an excellent course that just stands head and shoulders above the rest, and I feel like it deserves a Course Review.

Ray Higdon’s The 3 Minute Expert is just that caliber of course.

Ray has always been one to under promise and over deliver ever since I’ve known him.

The value the he imparts to the profession of Network Marketing and just Marketing, in general, is simply fantastic.

I’ve been through many of Ray’s training courses over the years, but I have to say this is by far the best he truly is an expert.

After his last course, I remember thinking where’s he going to go from here.  Now I Know!

If you are not getting saying let me be more precise.  Ray Higdon is a great expert who continues to give back over and over to his Profession, enough said.

Ray’s 3 Minute Expert

So let’s light this candle.  I will start with just the course itself and end with all the bonuses that he gives for FREE!

The course is comprised of 27 modules, ranging from mindset, monetization, techy, and more.

I want to share with you just the titles of the 27 modules to give you an idea of the incredible value that you are going to get.

Module 1:   How To Effectively Use this Course.
Module 2:   Why Blogging?
Module 3:   Where to Get Your Blog Done If You Don’t Want to Do It
Module 4:   Google Analytics Setup
Module 5:   Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Module 6:   Biggest Obstacles
Module 7:   How To Define Your Target Market
Module 8:   Watch This If You Are a Perfectionist
Module 9:   The List of WordPress Plugins We Use
Module 10: Basic Blog Monetization Strategies
Module 11:  Content Creation
Module 12:  Pre-Blog Research and On-Page SEO
Module 13:  Where to Post Your Blog to Get Massive Traffic
Module 14:  How to Email Your List and What NOT To Do
Module 15:  How to Get More Engagement and Interaction
Module 16:  THE Most Important Part of Your Blog
Module 17:  How to Add an Opt-In Form to Your Blog
Module 18:  How to Generate More Leads
Module 19:  How to Communicate With Your Leads
Module 20: The 4-Part Video Marketing Formula
Module 21:  How to Use Other People’s Content Legally and Effectively
Module 22:  Blog Design Suggestions
Module 23:  Suggestions for Truly Becoming the Go-To Expert in Your Marketplace
Module 24:  Details on My Private Blogging Association
Module 25:  How to Get Your Blog Review
Module 26:  My 7 figure Overview – What We Sold and How We Sold to Get to Over $1 Million in Revenue
Module 27:  Additional Tools and Resources.

WoW…. To be perfectly honest with you when I saw what he was offering in this course, I thought he finally lost his mind.I don't Believe IT

Maybe it’s because his beautiful bride Jessica Higdon, is expecting their first baby girl and he’s all giddy and doesn’t know what he has done.

I don’t know, but this is way beyond what I expected, way beyond!

When he tells you he is revealing it all he means it.  From the technical to the practical this is one complete course that you do not want to miss out on.

Now, remember I haven’t even mentioned the bonuses yet.

You are probably thinking that with all that he is offering in the base course he probably doesn’t have many bonuses.  You’d be WRONG!

3 Minute Expert Bonuses

You are not going to believe this, but he is giving away 14, yes 14 FREE Bonuses with this course.

Things from how to create high-quality images, recorded blog reviews, ideas for content, how to set up you blog, and so much more!

The moral of this story is if you don’t get this course at whatever the price you are missing out on becoming an expert in your field.

This is a must and when you see the cost of this you will be blown away and agree with me that he has lost his mind.

Don’t Miss OUT!

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