The Most Important Reason To Build A BlogToday I want to share the most Important Reasons To Build A Blog that will convince you to start consistent daily blogging.  The key phrase here is really Blog Daily.

If you want what I believe to be the best blogging platform out there for the best price this is what you NEED.

I can’t stress enough that if you want to be an online marketer then you have to have a blog and you have to blog daily.

I want to share this reasons to build a blog so that you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to blog marketing.

I have to credit where credit is due.  I learned all about blogging and branding myself from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon and his 3 Minute Expert Course.

The Most Important Reason To Build A Blog

Build An Audience!

Your blog audience that you build is your most powerful asset.

  • This is traffic YOU Own.
  • Instant Testing and Tracking
  • Forces you to do what you should be doing anyway.

Building your list should be the most important thing you are doing.

You should be looking at your numbers every week.  Understand what you track and monitor you can change and make better.

Have a 30-day goal for lead Generation.  Look at your past months and base you current goal on a bit of a stretch from that.

Marketing is a generation of Leads, period.

I suggest emailing daily and that’s value not pitches.  Some would say this doesn’t work but it has worked great for me.

So at the end of the day the most important reason to build a blog is to build your list and your audience.  This is the life blood of your business!

The Most Important Reason To Build A Blog


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