Recruiting Mastery - 3 Steps To Making More MoneyWhen it comes to Recruiting Mastery, Ray Higdon is a Master.  I want to share with you his simple 3 Steps to Making More Money.

I was on a webinar with Ray last night and it was just epic.  He introduced his new product Total Recruiting Mastery that is amazing.

If you are serious about becoming a recruiting master then you NEED to take advantage of this course, Total Recruiting Mastery, and all of the bonuses.

On the webinar last night, Ray talked about a number of things but these 3 steps really stood out for me.

It was a 2-hour webinar with incredible value and an hour of Q & A.

Recruiting Mastery – 3  Steps To Making More Money

Donald Duck moneyI want to preface this with the assumption that you are going to lead with the opportunity, not the product.

1.     Ask where they need help.

You need to find out where their pain is.

This will help you position yourself to answer their challenges and help them fix that.

I love Ray’s quote. “You Can Lead A Horse to Water But You Can’t Make them Drink Unless You Salt Their Food.”

You find out their issues in life and you then present your opportunity to address those issues.

You DON’T just do your pitch regardless of what your prospect needs and hope for the best.

ASK Questions!

2.     Talk about your MLM Team Training

This is where you can talk about your culture and training that your community and MLM Team offers.

This is a very powerful tactic if you are paying attention to the training that you team is providing.

You can provide the answer to their challenge by suggesting some team training you have available.

Most times they will want to know what you mean by team training and want to know more.

3.     If they are in a company, ask this question…

“How are you doing with generating leads online?”

9 out of 10 will tell you that they are not doing very well in that area.

If someone is unhappy with their current MLM company then you can move to presenting your opportunity.

Understand that a majority of the people you approach won’t join your MLM and this is a way for you to still make some income from those people.

If you are a part of MLSP or MLSP Mastery then you can offer them the opportunity for an education program, not another MLM.

If they are negative you need to hold you posture.

Posture is the belief in what you are doing without the requirement of external acceptance!

Here is the script that you want to hit the negative person with.

“Do you know anyone that WOULD want to make some extra money if we showed them step-by-step how to do it?”

20 – 50% of the people you say this to will turn around and ask how they can do that.

The rest will be a source of referrals.

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