Recruiting Tips: The Emotions of Inviting

Recruiting Tips: The Emotions of Inviting

When it comes to great recruiting tips and being a Network Marketing Professional, Eric Worre is the man to go to.  His book “Go Pro” is a must have for any serious Network Marketer.

Eric is a man who has dedicated his life to raising the of Network Marketers all over the world.  He has taken being a professional to new heights.

I’m going through his book again for the third time and I thought I would share some of his insights over the next few posts.

Today I want to start with his Four Basic Rules on the “Emotions of Inviting.”

Understanding these 4 basic rules will help you become a better at inviting and increase your success rate on all of your invitations.

So Here are the 4 Basic Rules concerning the Emotions of Inviting

1.     Emotional Detach Yourself From The Outcome.

If you keep in mind that our initial goal is education and understanding, not recruiting, it will be a lot easier to separate yourself from the result.

In my post yesterday I talked about “Marry The Process, Divorce The Results” and that’s exactly what this means in the first rule.

You would think this would be an easy thing to accomplish, but it’s not.  We got into this business to build a huge team and become financially independent, not let people walk away.

Once you understand that our job is to educate people and help them understand exactly what we have to offer them this will become easier.

I love what Eric says for this rule.  “If you focus on education and understanding, you’ll have fun and your prospects will enjoy the experience.”

2.     Be Yourself

It’s amazing how many people become this totally different person when they get into a Network Marketing Business and start the inviting process.

If you focus on being yourself and just being your BEST self you will be doing great.

3.     Bring Some Passion

Excitement and Enthusiasm are Contagious.  I’ve known some leaders in the past that go through all kinds of pump up preparation before they go out inviting.

Stand up, dance around, listen to some inspiring music, do whatever it takes to create some excitement to the process.

Your positive and excited emotion will spill over and come across much better than a blah and humdrum attitude.

4.    Have A Strong Posture 

This is probably the hardest one for most people, it was for me.  It’s either from insecurity or just trying to be the nice guy.

You have the mistaken idea that having posture presents you as an arrogant and mean spirited person, IT DOESN’T!

You just need to be yourself, your Bolder Self, your Stronger Self, your more Confident Self.

You need to start telling yourself that you are sick and tired of your life up to this point and you are going to change it right now, right here!

I encourage you to connect with Eric Worre’s site if you want to learn more about inviting.  On his site, you will find many ideas on Inviting Words and techniques that will help you to become a Network Marketing Pro.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on these recruiting tips.  Please share and comment below.

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