Removing the Negative from your Life With Positive Thinking!

Remove the Negative with Positive Thinking

Remove the Negative with Positive Thinking


This should be short because in my mind this is just stating the obvious.  That said, I can’t believe how many people surround themselves with so much negative blocking any hope of letting the positive flood their lives.

I know in my life I can feel a distinct change in my mood and physci.  It almost makes me feel ill and the very least I get the flight response urging me to get away from the situation or person ASAP!

There is just nothing good that comes from being around negative things or people.

So we need to not only try and remove as much of the negative in our lives as we can, we need to be constantly on guard against it creeping back in.

I heard someone once say “that If you can’t change your friends, then CHANGE your friends.”  What does that mean, well if we can’t change our friends that are negative from being negative all the time then maybe it’s time you changed who your friends are.

Stop getting up in the morning and watching the negative news.  Get up and ready a great positive book (for me that’s the Bible), have coffee with your spouse and chat about your blessings and how much fun the day is going to be.

As much as negative spirit is contagious, so is a positive spirit.  You can watch a positive person walk into a room and it will just light up.  On the other hand when negative Nellie walks in everyone immediately becomes sullen and down trodden.

Half Full or Half Empty - Negative or Positive in Life

Half Full or Half Empty – Negative or Positive in Life

Are you one of those half full people that everyone wants to be around, or are you one of the half empty people that everyone avoids like the plague.

Have you ever run into those people who tell you … if people don’t like me how I am then screw them.  It amazes me how these people are the first to criticize others and complain about how bad their life is.

Understand this being negative in life is a CHOICE.  It’s not something that you are forced to do.  We make the choice everyday and in every situation whether or not we are going to be positive or negative.

We can play the blame game and live life blaming others for our situation and how are life is, or we can make conscious choices to make things better and take a positive attitude about our life and situations.

I wrote an article awhile back on attitude and altitude that lays out how important it is to have, not just a good attitude but a great attitude.  About having an attitude of gratitude instead of always looking for the bad and the blame.

Purge your life of the negative things and people and you will be amazed how much happier, productive, and healthier you will become.

There is nothing good that can come from the NEGATIVE!

I hope this has given you some insight on getting rid of the negative in your life.  Please share and comment below.

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