Secrets to Removing Time Management Stress From Your BusinessRemoving the Time Management Stress from your business is something that we all have dealt with at one time or another and need to master!

So, you are probably sitting there right now confused and stressed at what to do next and how to be productive every day.

That was me!

In hindsight, I was pretty lost every day.

Secrets to Removing Time Management Stress From Your Business

What I’m going to share with you today may seem very apparent and obvious.

The challenge most people have is implementing these tips and changing there DMO (Daily Method of Operation).

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I know when I was stressed out, it was because I really had no DMO!

I would get up every day and start doing whatever came into my head.

Doing a blog post each day was high on my list, but after that, I was floundering.

Secrets to Removing Time Management Stress From Your Business – The Secrets

1.    Start Your Morning With Quiet Time

I start each of my days with some quiet time to clear my head and have my daily devotions.

Everyone has a different method to center or clear themselves you just need to DO IT.

I believe this is one of those critical steps in getting your day started on track.

It gives you the time to remove from your thoughts all of those things that would hinder you from having a positive exciting day.

2.   Get Your Housekeeping tasks done first.

When I talk about housekeeping tasks I’m talking about those non-profit producing activities.

Things like; 

  • Working Out
  • Reading or Personal Training
  • Computer updates and blog tweaks.
  • Basically, anything that’s not profit-producing activity

Get all these important tasks done and off your list early and leave the rest of the open.

3.   Profit Producing Activities

So, now that you’ve got the tasks complete that need to be accomplished but are not profit-producing, it’s time to do the real work.

In the beginning, you are going to struggle with the transition from steps 2 to 3.

We tend to get caught up in what we believe are the important tasks in our day and forget why we are really building our business.

So, what I do is try to set a cut-off time each day when I am going to have the tasks in step 2 complete.

Now, that said sometimes that’s just not possible when it comes to outside appointments and outside influences.

But, the things I do have control over I take control of and get done in a timely manner.

I take part of my quiet time, typically at the end, to layout my day and prioritize step 2 tasks.

You can either use your computer of an old school planner, but use some method of listing and checking off these tasks.

Then get into your profit-producing tasks with a clear head and an excited mindset.

Secrets to Removing Time Management Stress From Your Business – Video

Secrets to Removing Time Management Stress From Your Business – Summary

In conclusion, The more you organize your day understanding that things do happen to disrupt that organization, the better off you will be.

So, this week take the time to setup you DMO and then start making that a HABIT!

You will greatly reduce the stress in your business by implementing these steps.

Once you understand that you can’t get everything done in a day and get things prioritized and organized your life will be so much better.

In retrospect, I wish I had been taught this much earlier in my Network Marketing Journey!

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