Rovia Beats Expedia!

Rovia Beats Expedia

Rovia Beats Expedia

YourWeekAway.com did a head to head comparison with Rovia vs Expedia based on mobile travel site comparision. Here is there Synopsis of the comparison: At the time we ran this mobile travel site comparison, Expedia is the most used booking agency on the planet based on the number of site visitors.

Rovia has just come off a win as the world’s leading travel agency. So who better to launch our series of head-to-head matchups. Based on our user experiences and criteria (see below), we feel that Rovia’s tablet features beat Expedia.

Below are a few of the results, but for the full review go here.

1) Format: ROVIA — Expedia has both a tablet browser format as well as a tablet app. Rovia offers just a browser-based mobile app. Our reviewers lean towards the browser option, preferring not to load a nearly identical app, which in Expedia’s case, has no useful functionality (other than a copy of the itinerary) after the booking has been made.

2) Destination Options: ROVIA — Rovia wins this battle because their tablet site allows the user to choose from one-way, return or multiple destinations (the multi-destination option disappears on small-screen phones). Expedia only lets you pick one-way or return, and does so in a weird way later during the date selection process. We also like the fact that Rovia also allows you to select nearby airports as an additional option, which Expedia does not.

3) Departure or Arrival Time Preferences: ROVIA — Expedia does not allow this option until after the initial search, and then only as a sort option. Rovia allows this in one-hour increments but not as time blocks (i.e. morning)

4) Search Flexible Dates: DRAW — Neither Expedia or Rovia allow this option.

5) Non-Stop Flights: ROVIA — Expedia does not allow this option. Rovia offers the option to restrict the search to non-stop flights

6) Preferred Airline: ROVIA — Expedia does not allow this option. Rovia offers the option to pick any airline or limit it to certain airlines (up to 20)

To find out more about Rovia and what it offers visit here.

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