How To Schedule A Facebook Live Stream EventIf you thought that you had to have a verified Facebook Fanpage to Schedule A Facebook Live Stream Event, things have changed.

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Think of all the uses you have being able to schedule all of your Facebook Live Events now.

How To Schedule A Facebook Live Stream Event

In the past, you had to have a Verified Fanpage to schedule your Live Events.

That is no longer the case!

Now as long as you have a Facebook Fanpage, you can schedule your events like the Big Dogs!

So, how do you take advantage of this amazing technology?

How To Schedule A Facebook Live Stream Event – Nuts & Bolts

The first thing you need to do is go to your fanpage and click on “Publishing Tools” at the top of the page.


Next thing you need to do is select “Video Library” from the left-hand menu bar.


Near the upper right, you should see a button that says “+ Live.”

Click on the button.


To get the rest of the instructions, please watch the detailed video below.

How To Schedule A Facebook Live Stream Event – VIDEO

Finally, my recommendation is now to mix and match scheduled with impromptu Live Events.

Set up your schedule and stick to it and then intersperse other Live Streaming Events randomly.

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