The Secret to Amazing Blog ContentIf you are looking for the Secret to Amazing Blog Content, then you have come to the right blog post.  When you leave, here you will know it all.

When I first started blogging, this was my big question.

Where do I get the content and what do I blog.

Little did I know I had it all at my fingertips and just didn’t know it yet.

If this is your question, don’t leave yet.

All will be revealed. 🙂

The Secret to Amazing Blog Content

My blogging journey started with a conversation with my mentor Ray Higdon.

Just in case you have been living under a rock Ray is a Master Blogger.

He let me know that there were only two things I needed to know about blogging.

First, you need to be consistent and Second you need to give value.

The Secret to Amazing Blog Content

I can tell you at first the easier of the two was being consistent.

I knew I could get up each morning and set myself in front of the computer and write a post.

At least I thought I could until I encountered the second part of the equation.

Where do I get this valuable content from?

Well after getting the 3 Minute Expert Course all my questions were answered.

I will answer the content question in the video below and here are some other posts that you may find helpful.

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VIDEO: The Secret to Amazing Blog Content


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