The Secret To Building Your Personal BrandToday I want to share with you the Secret to Building Your Personal Brand Online.  You will become an expert in your niche’ and have others hunting you.

The days of spamming your links all over the place and expecting results are over.

People have become very social online and are looking to connect with others.

Online marketing is all about building relationships.

The Secret To Building Your Personal Brand Online

I want to chat a bit about what exactly is spamming.

Some will tell you that it’s all about post your company or product link all over the place.

It’s more than that.

There’s a new version of this that has joined the ranks of spamming in my opinion.

It’s those people that are always posting “I’m making $1,000’s a minute let me show you how today…” and making other absurd income claims.

I’m seeing a lot of people doing this and hurting our profession.

I certainly understand that you have to let people know once in awhile what you are doing.

But, wouldn’t you rather have people hunting you down to find that out instead of you consistently pushing it in their faces.

The Secret To Building Your Personal Brand Online – The Secret

So, what exactly is the secret?


That’s it, just provide value consistently to your niche’ market.

Your marketing changes when you start solving challenges people are having instead of pitching.

People will start to look forward to what you are posting and sharing instead of dreading it.

Decide whether you want to be the Hunter or the Hunted.

To be the Hunted is a much better place to be when it comes to Marketing.

Providing Value to the market is what we call “Attraction Marketing.”

We are attracting prospects, customers, and business partners by providing value to the market.

The Secret To Building Your Personal Brand Online – VIDEO

The Secret To Building Your Personal Brand Online – Summary

In conclusion, the secret behind personal branding and branding online is providing value to the market consistently.

It’s as easy as that!

I would love to hear how you are doing in your Personal Branding and Marketing Online.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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