The Secret Marketing Formula That Works For Any NicheHow would you like to know the Secret Marketing Formula that works with any Niche’ and some professional examples for a pro?

Yesterday I was reading a blog from my Mentor and Friend Ray Higdon, and he shared something that was incredible. – Ray’s Blog Post

You need to visit his post and take the time to go through his video; I promise it will change how you market.

Another thing is he talks about his incredible 3-Minute Expert course where he goes in depth on becoming an Authority; another must have!

What I want to share with you is what he calls his Authority Formula, and I call my Marketing Formula.

Definition of a Formulaany fixed or conventional method for doing something:

The Secret Marketing Formula That Works For Any Niche

I want to say this again this formula came from Ray Higdon and one of his fantastic blog posts, thank you.

In his post, he goes through 19 Markets and gives examples how the formula works for each.

What I’m sharing with you today is just the formula go to his blog for the rest of the story.

The Marketing Formula

  • Market – What is your target market?
  • Questions/Challenges – What questions, problems, or challenges do you target market have?
  • Headlines – Headlines that address solving the challenges of your market.
  • Content – Here’s where the rubber meets the road and answers the questions above.
  • CTA – Call to action.  This should be on every blog post you create and congruent with the post.
  • $$$ – Turn your leads from your CTA to dollars!

In the Video below I will go into more detail on each of these and here are some other posts that you may find helpful.

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VIDEO: The Secret Marketing Formula That Works For Any Niche


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