The Secret to Life Change From Jim RohnThe Secret to Life Change is one of Jim Rohn’s excellent talks and the first module of his new course Foundations For Success.  I’m going to share my takeaways with you.

If you haven’t seen or heard about his new course Foundations Of Success, then you are missing out.

The webinar replay can be found here.

There’s usually about half-dozen things in our lives that make 80% of the difference.

Keep looking for the few things that make the most difference.

The Secret to Life Change From Jim Rohn

Knowing that there are only a half-dozen things you have to learn and perfect makes things a lot easier and makes Life Change very easy.

Financial independence is about half-dozen things to learn!

I love the answer Jim gives when asked about becoming a millionaire by age 31, IT WAS EASY!

It sounds like we tend to make things way to complicated.

The Secret to Life Change From Jim Rohn

He gave three reasons he became rich by 31.

  1. He lived in America or lived in a democracy of freedom
  2. Found an opportunity
  3. Found a Teacher willing to teach him

Here’s his reason why everyone around him didn’t become millionaires!

What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.  That is the difference between success and failure.  That’s the difference between pennies and fortune.  That is the difference in flourishing and not having much.  That’s the difference between trinkets and treasures. – Jim Rohn

I did not neglect to do the easy things that I could do every day for 6 years. – Jim Rohn

He goes on to elaborate on neglect and how it starts to compound.

Once we start neglect in one area of our life, it becomes easier and easier to start neglecting other areas of our lives.

So here’s the whole key to gaining wealth.

  1.   Find the half-dozen things we need to master – spend most of your time on these things!

I hope this little bit of incredible truths from Jim Rohn will spur you on to watching the replay and getting his course.

So that you know I’m not an affiliate for this program so other than helping you better your life that’s all I get.

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