The Secret Video Technique When Using Your PhoneUnderstanding this simple secret Video Technique will help you from shooting videos with your phone and looking like amateurs.

Have you ever seen those videos on the news and other places with the blurred sidebars?

There’s a reason those are there.

The Secret Video Technique When Using Your Phone

Below you will see an example of what I’m talking about.

You see how they have added the two sidebars with the blurred background?

This video was taken VERTICALLY on someone’s phone.

When you take video, vertically it will cause black bars on each side if you convert the video into an HD format.

It’s what’s called LetterBox and pretty much unliked by all.  🙁

The Secret Video Technique When Using Your Phone – The SECRET

It’s simple!

Always take your video on your phone with the phone held in the horizontal position.

Whenever you are going to shoot a video just remember HORIZONTAL!!!!

You will be amazed at the difference this simple Video Technique will help your videos and more professional.

I had to share the comical video below to just impress this technique a little more with some humor.

I hope you enjoy this.

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