5 Self Talk Statements That Need to Be RemovedAfter being on this phenomenal webinar last night I had to share with you some Self Talk removal tips that will help you move forward in your business and life.

So, who did the webinar?  Ray Higdon of course!

It was the 5 Steps To Becoming An Authority in Any Niche’.

That said, he is doing another one this evening at 9 PM EST. “How to Use the Internet and Social Media to GROW A LARGE BUSINESS.”

Most people don’t realize how much effect their non-serving statements are hurting them.

5 Self Talk Statements That Need to Be Removed

Most of us don’t even think about what we say when we speak to ourselves or just making statements about our current situation.

If we knew how much affect these statements had in our lives, I’m sure we would work on removing them immediately.

So, let’s get into 5 of these Non-Serving Statements.

1.   I don’t know what to do

I hear this one all the time and have been guilty myself on occasion.

As soon as you say you don’t know what to do, you put a stop any forward movement.

Entrepreneurs figure it out and don’t spend time on telling others and themselves they don’t know what to do!

It is an attention getter for the person that just needs the attention.

Just figure it out and move forward!

2.   Easy for Him/Her to say

I can tell you this I’ve had a hard life, especially in my youth in the military.

I could tell you things about my life that would make you cringe, but the bottom line is there is always someone else that has had it worse and still succeeded.

No matter what your situation I can pretty much guarantee you that somebody has been through worse and is now past that and doing well.

There is nothing new under the sun so using that as an excuse or reason why you aren’t successful is just that, an EXCUSE!

 3.   If I…

Stop wishing for a hand that you were never dealt.

So, start embracing the life you have and stop the wishing upon a star for something you are NOT!

There’s not much more I can say about this one.

4.   It Isn’t Working

You need to develop patience and understand that quitting will never speed things up.

Every good thing in life takes time.

I love Ray’s statement, I’m going to do this UNTIL!

It’s not for X amount of time, but UNTIL

5.   I don’t have the Money

I believe we all the capacity to make money.

Stop telling yourself and others you don’t have money and go out and make some.

The successful Entrepreneurs in life are always looking for more ways to make money and better their lives and others.

Be one of those people!

Stop saying I don’t have the money and start asking yourself how can I get the money.

VIDEO: 5 Self Talk Statements That Need to Be Removed


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