Social Media Marketing Mistakes People are Making EverydayHere are some of the biggest mistakes people make in Social Media Marketing.  Understanding what you are doing wrong will help you get better doing what is right.

One of the best courses I have ever seen on Social Media Marketing is Jessica Higdon’s 10k Social Media Recruiting.

If you haven’t got this course, you need to if you are serious about your marketing.

It’s amazing how soon we forget what being social means.

We get on Facebook and start our new fantastic home business, and it’s pitch, pitch, pitch.

Something we would never do in real life, but it’s okay on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes People are Making

Here are some of the major mistakes people are making.

    • Company branded instead of YOU branded
    • Political or controversial posts. (unless that’s your target market)
    • Boring
    • No Banner
    • Unclear
    • Not a picture of YOU (e.g.  pets, kids, scenery, without YOU…)
    • Not smiling
    • Not up-to-date
    • Not filled out at all
    • No Contact Information
    • They Pitch their company in the about section ….no no!
    • Personal profile not connected to their fan page
  • Photos
    • Always partying and drinking not showing your serious business person
    • No event Photos
    • No photos with the team
    • No pictures of you just pictures of google images.  People want to know YOU!
    • No professional photos
  • Posts
    • Spammy
    • Tagging people that aren’t in the photos
    • Consistently pitching “join my team at ____” or “Don’t miss out join now…”
    • No Images
    • No Lifestyle posts
    • Negative posts
    • Games
    • ***No value what so ever

The above mistakes are just some of the things people are doing on a regular basis that hurt their business and their branding.

I can’t stress enough if you haven’t seen the 10k Social Media Recruiting webinar then you might as well stop all your marketing until you do!

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VIDEO: Social Media Marketing Mistakes


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