How To Start Your Blog In Minutes Not DaysHow would you like to Start Your Blog in Minutes, not days or weeks?  I’m going to show you how to get a new blog up and running for next to nothing.

Once you have your blog up and running the next step is to take Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert Course and become a blogging expert.

I was amazed at this system the moment I saw it.

Understand that I’m a designer and have been designing websites for many years now.

I was so impressed with their blogging system that I immediately changed my blog over!

How To Start Your Blog In Minutes Not Days

Here’s what you don’t want to do unless you are a designer and have set up blogs before.

You don’t want to do this from scratch on your own and hope for the best.

Here’s what you need:

Blogging Software – I recommend WordPress

A hosting company that is reliable and secure

The right plugins that work properly and aren’t a security risk.

A Domain Name that reflects your branding or YOU.

Doesn’t look like a lot, right?

WordPress is pretty straightforward, but it does have to installed on the hosting server once you get that.

Finding the right server is probably the most important step here.

You need to find a hosting company that is not only reliable but secure from hacking and attacks.

The server only can cost anywhere from $20 to $100s a month to get the correct one.

Once you have the found the right server and installed WordPress now, you have to decide on what plugins you need to have installed.

The challenge with plugins is that there are millions of them.

Understanding which ones you need and which ones are secure can be a daunting task.

And lastly is your Domain Name.

I’m a firm believer in branding YOU.

I use GoDaddy to register my domains, but there are numerous options out there.

How To Start Your Blog In Minutes Not Days

How would you like to have a system that has all of this in place for you except your Domain Name for one small monthly fee?

In the video below I will tell you all about this system and here are some other posts that may help you.

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VIDEO: How To Start Your Blog In Minutes Not Days


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