Stay Hungry – Tip #9

Stay Hungry My Friends

Stay Hungry My Friends

Ray’s Tip #9 is to Stay Hungry.  This is another one of those tips that you really have to work at.  As entrepreneur’s we tend to sit back after we get to a certain point and just let things ride because we have ARRIVED!

The unfortunate part of that situation is that you WILL become stagnant and you’ve all heard the old saying – “If You’re Not GROWING, You’re DYING!”  Well I can tell you from experience this is very true.

I love what Ray says in his article about remembering that we are here to put value back into the marketplace so if we don’t stay hungry and focused all that goes away.

I love this quote and I don’t even know where or who said it, but it is so true.

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If you don’t stay hungry, you will go hungry!  The reason we stay alive is that we stay hungry and continue to feed that hunger.  When our hunger stops, WE STOP and that’s called DYING!

The power behind staying hungry is that it causes us to find ways to feed that hunger, which in turn causes growth.  You might have a hunger for reading, learning, building, marketing, sales, or just about anything.  You need to keep that hunger going and continually feed that hunger to get the growth that you want and need.

If you do not stay hungry I guarantee that you will begin to die.  The good news is you can get that hunger back and start feeding it and the growth will begin again.  If you don’t you will surely die!

Here are just a few ways that I believe will help you stay hungry.

  1. Staying Around other hungry people – hunger is infectious so if you hangout with other hungry people you will find that your hunger stays ignited.
  2. Events where there are a lot of hungry people.
  3. Read – This in my opinion is a must.  The more we read the more the hunger continues and grows.
  4. Get Excited about every success, even the small ones.  Get excited for your team and their successes.
  5. Keep Updating your vision/dream board and stretch more and more.  This will keep you hungry to meet that next goal and dream.

These are just a few of my ideas on how to STAY HUNGRY!

I hope this has helped you and you have got some value.  Please share with your team and comment below.

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