What's Stealing Your Success In Network MarketingI watched an amazing training today from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon on Success In Network Marketing that I just had to share my thoughts on.

Ray was kind enough to share a training he did with his new Facebook Community called Rank Makers.  This is an amazing group that’s currently closed but here’s the link to get on the list when it opens again.

What’s Stealing Your Success In Network Marketing?

If you want to watch Ray’s training on this subject here’s the link to his post.

One of the things I love about Ray’s training is how he’s not afraid to pull any punches.

He wants the people he’s training to hear the truth and get the most from the training.

You will never grow and get better in your Network Marketing business is people are just blowing the sunshine up your butt!

Essentially, he breaks the training down into two areas, Success, and Struggle.

I love how he lays out the reason behind why most people struggling when it comes to their success.

So, here are the basics of what he talks about.

Again, don’t miss out by not reading and watching the whole training.

Success In Network Marketing 

You are either looking at the successful people you know and comparing the differences or the similarities.

This made such an impact on me I just had to share it with others.

I have spent way too much time in the past looking at what the successful person had that I didn’t, instead of looking for similarities.

When we spend time looking at the differences we end up with a list of excuses why we can’t succeed.

I love what Ray call the list of Differences: The Success Prevention Checklist (SPC).

Ray is very passionate about this subject and even breaks a marker during the presentation (Hint: Eminem rap reading).

Most people think that if I find out why that person or persons were successful I’ll understand why I’m not.

It just becomes a list of excuses and reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t succeed.

Success In Network Marketing – Similarities vs Differences

If you sit back and think about if you will realize that trying to figure why you can’t do something is very unproductive.

Now, on the other hand looking at the similarities in your life with those who have had success gives you great hope and prompts the question “Why Not ME!”

When we take the time to look at the Similarities with successful people, whether good or bad, we break down the barriers of why we can’t.

Things become possible when we realize successful people have gone through just as many hardships, if not more than you have.

So, the next time you are having a bout with comparitis make your list based on Similarities, not Differences and see how things change.

Here’s something I will leave you with.

Go Here and take this quiz on how you are doing in Network Marketing and see how you stack up.

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