Take Inventory of Your Business

Take Inventory of Your Business

Take Inventory of Your Business

I was recently going through some training on building your Business in 2015 by Eric Worre that was just incredible.  One of the things he taught was to take Inventory of Your Business.

By taking inventory of your business you will realize exactly where you are, your strengths, your weaknesses and where you need to get better.

Here are the 4 Tasks to Take Inventory of Your Business

Understanding where your Business is can be the difference between winning and losing.

  1. Business Assets 
    1. How Many People on your team are Active?
      1. Is that up or down over the previous year?
    2. How many people do you have qualified at each rank?
      1. How many are committed to get to the next rank?
    3. How many at last Major Event?
      1. How many committed to the next major event?
    4. How many meetings are happening in the organization?
    5. How many presenters/Trainers?
  2. Business Resources
    1. Events
    2. Tools
    3. Training
    4. Support
  3. Business Environment
    1. Quality
    2. Who am I surrounding myself with
    3. Encouraging
    4. What are you finding your mind with?
    5. Guard you mind.
  4. Business Skills
    1. Finding Prospects.  1-10
    2. Inviting.  1-10
    3. Presenting.  1-10
    4. Follow up.  1-10
    5. Closing.  1-10
    6. Getting People Started.  1-10
    7. Promoting Events.  1-10

Now is the time for you to take inventory of your business and make the changes and tweaks that you need to have an amazing 2015.

The key to this little evaluation is that you are very honest with yourself.  You need to take this inventory of your business serious and be exact as to where you are now, not where you would like to be.

If you are looking for a product to help you become better in one of these areas I encourage you to visit Ray Higdon’s site and browse through all the great training he has available.

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P.S.  If you are looking for some great questions to ask your prospects to help build your business then get my 30 Questions for absolutely FREE.

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