Teaching your Team to Be Teachers.

Teach Your Team to Be Teachers

Teach Your Team to Be Teachers

This is what will unshackle you from the normal team building where your team sees you as the only place to get ALL Their ANSWERS!  You will never have a walk away from business if you are the only one that knows everything.

This used to be my biggest challenge.  My personality is such that the more I know about a system, program or just about anything that I’m involved with, the better I feel.

Because of that, the first thing I would always do when I join a Network Marketing company was to learn everything I could about everything.

Here’s a few of the challenges with doing that.   These are also the reasons why you want to teach your team to be teachers.

  1. It caused me to have a bad disease called paralysis from analysis something that can be catchy if your team thinks they have to do what you have done before they start prospecting.
  2. Your are certainly not duplicatable!  This poses a number of problems with recruiting and building a sustainable team.  Nobody feels they can know everything like you do, so they either don’t join in the first place, or once they do they get very frustrated very quickly.
  3. You become the one that everyone, and I mean everyone comes to for answers.  I was even swamped by my uplines to answer questions and they began sending their team to me, one of their downline to answer questions for the team, NOT GOOD!

Although these are just a few of the things that will become a challenge, everyone of these will tie you to your business with some heavy shackles.  Ray Higdon recently did on post on Tips to getting a rep started, and his point Number 3 was to teach your team to become teachers.

So what does this actually mean.  Let me put your fears to rest quickly as to what it doesn’t mean.  It doesn’t mean that you learn everything and then teach that to your team so they can teach everything to their team!

What is does mean is that you want to teach your team where to find the answers when they need them.  Customer service for your company is one of the best places.  You want to teach them where the training resources are that are online so they can learn at their pace and when they need it.

Then you want to teach them to teach their team to do the same.  This all takes consistent reinforcement to make it work but if you teach them to use the tools provide and team their team the same, you will all have a much stronger team.

Your goal is to build of team of LEADERS not FOLLOWERS, a Team that is duplicatable, not dependent, a Team that are teachers and builders.

I know since I have gotten away from trying to know everything I have a lot more time to do the things that really matter when it comes to my business.

When someone on my team calls with questions, the first thing I ask is have they gone through the team training.  If it’s a company question I will give them the number to Corporate and ask them to let me know what they find out.

This I can tell you, if you want to have that life of true freedom, time and financial, then you have to “Teach Your Team To Become TEACHERS!”

I hope this has helped you and if you have got some value please share and comment below.

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