Team Building: The Laws of Teamwork Part 5

Team Building: Laws of Teamwork Part 5

Well, here we are in part 5 of our 8 part series on Team Building: The Laws of Teamwork.  I hope you have been enjoying this series as much as I have to share it with you.

I would encourage you to read John Maxwell’s The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork book and get the total impact of his teaching.

Today we will be summarizing Laws 9 and 10 The Law of Countability and The Law of the Price Tag.

Team Building is something that we all want to get better at and developing a strong team that works together and creates a team of leaders is essential to our profession.

So, Here The Laws of Teamwork 9 and 10.

1.     The Law of Countability

Teammates Must Be Able to Count on Each Other When It Counts.

The importance of the Law of Countability is clearest when the stakes are high.  This could be when you are trying to make the next rank during a big contest.

Because we all have different talents and abilities we all have a role to play on the team.  Countability is the ability to count on everyone on the team to do their part.

John has a formula for Countability: Character + Competence + Consistency + Cohesion =  Countability.  When every team member embraces each of these five qualities, within themselves and with others, the team can achieve the countability that is necessary to succeed.

The greatest compliment you can receive is being counted on.

When it comes to teamwork I believe the highest compliment you can receive is trust from your teammates when it really counts.

How are you doing in each of the areas of the formula?

*   Is your integrity unquestioned (Character)?
*   Do you perform your work with excellence (Competence)?
*   Are you dedicated to the team’s success (Commitment)?
*   Can you be depended on every time (Consistency)?
*   Do your actions bring the team together (Cohesion)?

Here are 7 areas where you can develop countability with your team.

1. Develop pride in group membership.

2. Convince your group that they are the best.

3. Give recognition whenever possible.

4. Encourage organizational mottos, names, symbols, and slogans.

5. Establish your group’s worth by examining and promoting its history and values.

6. Focus on the common purpose.

7. Encourage your people to participate in activities together outside of work.10

The more of these activities you embrace, the greater countability you will develop.

2.     The Law Of The Price Tag

The Team Fails to Reach Its Potential When It Fails to Pay the Price!

If a team doesn’t reach its potential, seldom is ability the issue.  It’s rarely a matter of resources either.  It’s almost always a payment issue.

Here are four truths that John talks about that will help to clarify it in your mind.

1.   The Price Must Be Paid by Everyone.
2.   The Price Must Be Paid All the Time.
3.   The Price Increases If the Team Wants to Improve, Change, or Keep Winning.
4.   The Price Never Decreases.

Someone handed Mr. Maxwell a note at one of his seminars teaching the 17 Laws of Teamwork that said “The Price Tag for law of the price tagfailure is greater than the price of success.”

The price for accepting failure is poverty, depression, dejection, and a downtrodden spirit.

Here is what John lays out for the price of Teamwork:

1.   Sacrifice
2.   Time Commitment
3.   Personal Development
4.   Unselfishness

You seldom get more than you pay for.

These are some of the Basic Principles and all of these laws work together.  I encourage you again to read his book thoroughly.

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