Recruiting Tip: The 4 Step Invite

Recruiting Tip: The 4 Step Invite

I thought since yesterday’s recruiting tip was on the 3 step setup that today I would share with you the 4 Step Invite.

This was shown to me by another top leader in our company, Dave Watson, but it applies to any Network Marketing Business.

The great news with these systems is that they are highly duplicatable and easily trained.

By using the 4 Step Invite in today’s post and the 3 Step Setup in yesterday’s post, you have the whole system to ramp up your prospecting and recruiting.

Again the great thing about this is it’s easy and you can teach anyone how to do that.

Here is the 4 Step Invite System

1.     Be In A Hurry

People are always in a hurry and you should be no different.  If your conversation with the prospect is more than 45 seconds that’s a clue you are talking too much.

This is not the time for chit chat or catching up with the family.

It would look something like this… “Hi John, this is Ron Deering.  I don’t have a lot of time right now.”

This may sound a little strange at first, but understand this part is critical and sets the stage for the next points in the system.

2.     Clear The Date

This is probably the most important step in the process.

This will sound something like this.  “Hey John, what have you got going this afternoon around 3 o’clock.”4 Step to Invite

If John tells me that he’s busy at that time then I’m going to tell him that I will get back with him later.

The goal is to clear the date!  You want to play to win and if you can’t win don’t play.

That means don’t compromise just to get the appointment.  You need to have the posture and if you can’t clear the date let them know that you will get back to them at some later date.

If John is free then that’s a win.  Your goal is to get people in front of the presentation.  He or She that get’s the most people in front of their presentation is the Winner!

3.     Show Sincerity

John is going to get excited about what you have to show him depending on your excitement and your sincerity.

Here’s how this would sound.  “Great John, I need you to be in front of your computer at 2:55.”

Now John, may want to know more about it right now, but that’s when you go back up to step 1.

4.     Confirm The Date 

After step 3 you finish with a final clearing of the date.

Here’s how this would sound.  “So John, I will talk to you at 2:55 and I know you are going to be excited about what you are going to see.  See you then.”

I promise that if you make these 4 steps to be your own and be consistent with using them, it will change how you build your business forever.

I have learned some of my best prospecting tips from my mentor and friend Ray Higdon.

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