Understanding the Difference Between Affiliate and Network Marketing

Understanding the Difference Between Affiliate and Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing has become a growing question for the new internet business owner.

Which is better, what’s the difference, which one can I make a career out of, and many more questions.

Well, today I am going to just scratch the surface on affiliate marketing vs network marketing and hope it will answer some of your questions.

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

The main difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing is Selling and Building.  This is a huge difference and should be considered when making your decision.

I am a Network Marketer who uses Affiliate Marketing tools to build my Network Marketing team.  Having an income coming in  with affiliate sales to help fund the building of my Network Marketing business is great, but You are not going to build the legacy with affiliate marketing that you can with network marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

•     Main Focus – Affiliate Marketing is all about the sale.  When and how can I make that next big sale?  Once that is done you have to go on to the next sale.

I’m not bashing affiliate marketing at all, I’m just saying that the primary focus of the Affiliate Marketer is making the next sale.

•     There are Affiliate Marketing products and systems out there that have a payout structure that looks kinda like Network Marketing, but I will tell you they are NOT!

•     Typically once the sale is complete the Affiliate Marketer is on to the next one.

•    Typically there isn’t any residual income involved with Affiliate Marketing.

Network Marketing

•    Main Focus – Network Marketing is focused almost totally on the people and not as much in the sale.

•    Once the sale or recruitment has been made that’s the beginning not the end of the process.

•    Residual Income – This is the best part of the differences.  Residual income is so very key to creating a legacy and changing your life and that of your family.

•    You should be working on training, mindset, prospecting etc and not just those things that will make a one time SALE.

Now that you know the differences between these two I will tell you that I use Affiliate Marketing to help build my Network Marketing business, but at the end of the day I AM A NETWORK MARKETING PROFESSIONAL!

Please don’t misunderstand me, both systems are great in their own way I have just chosen my path because that is what works for my family and the future I want to build.

You may find that you love the process of creating sale after sale and you are good at it, that’s great.

I hope that clearly identifies the differences between the to marketing systems.  So I want to leave you with what I am currently doing so there isn’t any confusion what I am building a legacy with and what tools I am using to accomplish that.

I use MLSP as my primary Lead Generation System to build my primary company. It is an affiliate program designed to bring in leads to help build your primary company and it works very well.

The value of using a system like MLSP is that while you are building your main business you can generate some income along the way.

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If you have got value from this please share and comment.  I would love to hear your thoughts on which works best for you.

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