The Importance Of Sleep To Your Daily HealthConsidering the Importance of Sleep to our Daily Health, we need to understand that the average human sleeps twenty-six years throughout their lifetime.

When you think that you are spending nearly three decades sleeping you have to ask what makes it so valuable.

One of the ideas trending all over social and scientific circles is the concept of “Clean Sleeping.”

Gwyneth Paltrow has become a big promoter of “clean sleeping” and believes that getting a full eight hours of restful, quality sleep should take precedence even over things like diet.

The Importance Of Sleep To Your Daily Health

I would agree that Sleep does play a vital role in our daily health and here are three reasons why.

1.   Sufficient Sleep Promotes A Healthy Mind

Lack of sleep plays a direct role in the health and function of your brain.

How many times have you woke up in the morning and felt groggy all day?

Lack of restful, clean sleep can and will affect your brain in ways you probably never considered.

From thinking clearly and controlling your emotions to sustaining healthy relationships and stabilizing your mood, sleep plays a role in it all. 

Studies have even shown excessive sleepiness to hurt work performance and enhance the mental and emotional effects of preexisting conditions like depression and insomnia.

When your body gets the sleep it needs will give your brain the downtime it needs to flush toxins.

In essence, regular, quality sleep helps your brain operate at its best which ultimately allows you to be your best!

2.   Sufficient Sleep Promotes A Healthy Body

Just as important as food, water, and air are to survive your body needs sleep.

When we are adolescents hormones are released that promote bone growth and muscle development when we sleep.

Also during our sleep cycle repair of damaged cells and tissues is taking place.

As we get older sleep continues to play a vital role in our overall health.

Aside from the common side effects of sleep deprivation like excessive sleepiness, yawning, and irritability, chronic sleeplessness can affect critical functions like balance, coordination, and decision-making.

What you might not know, however, is that not getting your full eight hours each night can have profound, lasting effects on your physical health.

In fact, a study done by researchers at Harvard Medical School found that those who sleep less than five hours are 15% more likely to die from [a variety of causes] than those who get regular, sufficient sleep.

Here are some ways that sleep benefits your body’s vital systems:

The immune system:

When you’re asleep, your body’s immune system produces antibodies and cells needed to fight off harmful substances like bacteria and viruses.

Sleep gives your immune system the tools and energy it needs to work properly and efficiently.

The respiratory system:

Getting sufficient sleep can help your body ward off respiratory problems like the cold and flu.

The digestive system:

Several studies have found a direct link between sleep and weight gain. 

And consider it to be one of the leading risk factors for obesity.

Insufficient Sleep considers it to be one of the main risk factors for obesity.

Because sleep deprivation promotes the production of the stress hormone cortisol, your body’s levels of the hormone leptin are triggered, telling the body it has not had enough to eat.

Other biochemicals are then triggered which can further stimulate your appetite.

The cardiovascular system:

Weight gain and cardiovascular issues are often linked to sleep deprivation.

Sleep plays a critical role in healing and repairing your body’s blood vessels and your heart.

Along with complications like high blood pressure, researchers have also linked sleep deprivation to heart disease, stroke, and other risks.

3.   Sufficient Sleep Keeps You Safe And Sharp

Did you know that, when studying some of history’s worst man-made catastrophes, researchers concluded that sleep and sleep-related factors played a major role?

For example, sleep deprivation was a contributing factor in the 

For example, sleep deprivation was a contributing factor in the explosion at Three Mile Island in 1979.

The explosion of the Challenger space shuttle in 1986, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.

Similarly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drowsy driving causes thousands of crashes, injuries, and deaths each year.

Sleep also plays a critical role in ensuring you stay alert and safe throughout your waking hours.

Not only will you be able to finish tasks in a more efficient manner, but you’ll also maintain a quick reaction time, make fewer mistakes, and boost your productivity.

When your brain and body have had the time necessary to recharge, the chances of taking unwarranted risks or making costly, preventable mistakes diminishes greatly.

All in all, getting enough sleep is critical for the vitality of your physical and mental health.

Nobody is immune to sleep deprivation and the dangers it brings.

Solutions For Better Sleep

  1.    Reduce Your Caffeine
  2.    Develop A Sleep Routine
  3.    Get more exercise throughout the week
  4.    Change your diet.  Make dinner your lightest meal
  5.    DON’T SMOKE
  6.    Just Say “NO” to a “Nightcap”
  7.    Get rid of all the light producing gadget before bed
  8.    Keep the Kids and Dogs out of the bed
  9.    Keep it Temperate, not Tropical
  10.    Make it as Dark as Possible
  11.    Use a Natural Supplement to help with sleep

For me, one of the most significant changes I have made was to add MicroLife Sleep supplement to my nightly routine.

This has totally changed my night’s sleep and for the first time in decades, I’m getting a full nights sleep.

MicroLife Sleep is designed with relaxation in mind, this micro-mist spray helps optimize your body’s natural sleep mechanisms to facilitate rest and relaxation without leaving you tired and groggy in the morning.

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