The Secret On How To Achieve Your GoalsOne of the hardest things for most Network Marketers to do is learning How To Achieve Your Goals and thereby not get discouraged and end up quitting.

One of the things that changed my business forever was training from top earners and top leaders in Network Marketing.

In the Marketing System that I’m a part of they excel in teaching the average person how to market, set goals, and achieve those goals.

The Secret On How To Achieve Your Goals

Below I’m going to share with you the Secret(s) to Achieving Your Goals.

1.   Set Your Goals – Write Them Down

I know this sounds like a given and common sense, but you would be surprised how many people don’t.

If you don’t write them down they are only dreams.

Physiologically, our goals will a much bigger impact if written down and looked at regularly.

So, if you are not writing your goals down (or typing them down) I predict you won’t achieve them.

2.    Make Them Achievable

One of the challenges most people have is they set unreasonable goals.

Then what happens is you don’t achieve your goals and you feel like a failure.

One of the things I learned from my mentor Ray Higdon was to start setting micro-goals.

Micro-Goals – What Are They?

Micro-Goals are just small goals that when put together accomplish your major goal.

Example: My major goal might be to grow my team by 100 over the next year.  The Micro-Goal would be I need to prospect 5 people a day to accomplish that goal.

The other tip for making your goals achievable is to make activity goals instead of result goals.

You can’t control your results, but you can control your actions.

3.   Take Consistent Action Toward Your Goals

No matter what you are doing in your business you NEED to be CONSISTENT!

It doesn’t do any good to write down your goals and make some great micro-goals and then don’t be consistent with your action.

You need to be CONSISTENT at taking ACTION, PERIOD!!!!

Good intentions are just that, intentions not action.

The Secret On How To Achieve Your Goals – Summary

So, the secret is this.

Set reasonable goals that can be broken down into micro-goals and be consistent with your daily actions and activities.

It’s that simple.

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