How to Understand The Truth About MoneyI watched a live video training from my mentor Ray Higdon on the truth about money.  Let’s start with what the Bible says about money.  1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil…

I don’t know about you, but all I heard growing up is how money was so bad for you. I should be okay with just having what I need.

What people in my life had done was totally misrepresented what the Scriptures said about money.

In fact, the Bible talks over and over about having an abundant life.  Some of the greatest men and women of the Bible were very wealthy.

So What Is The Truth About Money

I love what Ray said today.  Money is just a Magnifier of YOU!

The Truth About Money is that it only makes you more of who you already are.  If you are a bad person then money will help you become worse.

If you are a good person money will give you more options to Bless more people and do more good.

Money is a thing just like a house, a car, a computer or any other thing.  It doesn’t have any virtue or moral qualities attached to it.

It’s just Money, that’s ALL!

Understand that the truth about money is that it’s not a badge of honor any more than poverty is!

If you understand that being poor is not something that does anyone any good.  I’m always amazed when I encounter people that are so proud of being poor.

You’ve heard people say “We may not have much, but we have love and family and that’s all we need.”  This may be true, but who is that helping.

Think about who you could help and what kind of difference you could make in your family and other people’s lives if you had a little more money.

The truth about money is that it gives you so many options in life to help others and yourself.



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