Tools I Use For Marketing

Tools I Use To Market

Tools I Use To Market

Over the past few weeks I have been ask a number of times what Tools I use to do my marketing.  So I thought I would share with you the few tools that I use to market my blog.

These may not be the best of the best out there but they are certainly working for me right now so they are what I’m sticking with.

  1. So let’s start with the first thing my blog. – I believe the best platform for building your blog is WordPress.  The question that I get ask the most about that is whether or not I should create my blog on the wordpress site or create a self-hosted site.

    Again for me the hands down answer to that questions is Self-Hosted.  When you host your blog on someone else’s server it then becomes theirs and not yours.


  2. Hosting for your blog – Again this is really a matter of preference but for me Hostgator has been the most reliable and secure.  

    They have an incredibly easy install app in there cpanel back office for installing wordpress on your hosting account.


  3. Blog Themes – There literally thousands of themes out there for wordpress and it can get very confusing.  As a beginner I would suggest just starting with the ones that come built into the installation.  I personally use a theme called Avada from Themeforest.  It costs $58 and is a very versatile theme.

    Again if you are just starting out then you might want to just use one of the themes that come with the wordpress install.  You can also from within the wordpress back office search for some pretty cool free themes


  4. Capture Page System – Now that you have your blog all setup and running you will want some way to capture leads.  This means you need optin forms and a lead page system.  

    Again this comes down to preference, but for me leadpages.net is incredible.
    This system has everything you need to create beautiful capture pages, lead boxes, and lead magnets.  It allows you to do split testing and tracking so you can see which of your pages are performing the best.  I really suggest that you check it out.


  5. Autoresponder System – This is probably the most important of the tools you need in your arsenal.  You need a good autoresponder system so you have a place to capture your leads and then communicate with them.  Again there are so many of these systems out there.

    My preference for the price and all the bells and whistles is Aweber.  They seem to be the easiest to use and have so many great features that they were a slam dunk for me when I was doing my research.


So these are the basic tools I use to build and market my blog.  Here’s what I can tell you that on the 12th of December 2014 I started blogging everyday and marketing.  My Alexa.com score at that point was 27 million worldwide and non existent in the US.

As of today less than 2 months later my rank in the World is 1,392,562 and in the US is 222,008.  I believe that this is the direct result from being consistent and using the tools I use to do the work with.

Stay tune for tomorrow’s article. I’m going to go through what tools and how little I do to get my blog out there and pulling leads.

If you have got value from this please share it with your team and comment below.

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