Top 10 Recommended WordPress Plugins for BloggersHave you ever wondered what WordPress plugins you should have installed on your WordPress Blog?  Today I’m going to tell you the 10 plugins that I recommend for your blog if you are interested in becoming an expert blogger.

Please understand this is by no means an exhaustive set of plugins because there are thousands out there and everyone has different needs depending on their niche and blogging desires.

These are the top 10 that I use and have had great success with and feel comfortable with the security.

If you are wondering what theme I use it is the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.  This is a premium theme so it does cost, but there are many free themes out there if you are on a tight budget.

The other thing you need is hosting for your blog that is reliable and will handle your growth.  I’ve tried many hosting companies over the years and have always had some issues that caused me to move to a new one, until recently.

Introducing MLSP Sites…This is one you have to try out and see how fast, robust and how easy.  That’s all I’m going to say about hosting.

Okay, with all that said let’s get on to the meat of this post.

Top 10 Recommended WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

1.    SEO by Yoast

This is probably the most important of the ten plugins.  If you are not getting eyes on your blog then your are not going to be making an income from blogging.

The top bloggers out there use this plugin for all of their SEO needs.  It’s reliable and easy to setup.  If you want to get seen by the search engines then you need to have this installed and setup properly.

You can find this plugin Here.

2.    What Would Seth Grodin Do

This is a really cool plugin for your blog.  How would you like to offer something different to first-time visitors compared to those who have been to your site previously?

Now you can do just that with this plugin.  It will distinguish between visitors that are visiting for the first time and those that are returning to your site again and again.

Maybe you want to capture the information of the unique visitor by offering a free gift and yet with the returning visitor you might want to offer something worth a little more value because of their loyalty.

It’s a great plugin and I get a number of leads from this every month.  You can find this plugin Here.

3.    Facebook Comments Plugin

This is another one of those must plugins.  If you are going to want some social interaction then allowing your visitors to comment via Facebook is a great way to accomplish just that.

This one is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use.  You can get this plugin Here.

4.    Jetpack by WordPress

This is part of the WordPress system that typically comes installed when you set up your WordPress blog.  It is packed with all kinds of great settings that will enhance your blogging experience.

The settings that you activate or deactivate depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your blog.  This one again that you have to have.

5.    Pretty Link

This is one that I would be lost without.  They have two version, a lite version, and a pro version.  I would suggest starting with the lite version.

What does this do?  I’m sure you have noticed those very long complicated affiliate links with all kinds of numbers and characters that nobody is going to be able to remember or use.

What pretty links does for you is allow you to assign a URL to a much prettier link, for example, https://rondeering.com/mlspmastery as a link instead of the complex underlying link for that product.

This is just a very powerful WordPress plugin that in my opinion is another must!  You can get this plugin Here.

6.    Digg Digg Plugin

This plugin is used to allow your visitors to share your posts to the social media sites.  Digg Digg is a free plugin that works great but hasn’t been updated for awhile.

I personally use Monarch to accomplish the same thing.  Monarch, on the other hand, is a premium plugin and does cost.

You can get “Digg Digg” Here.  You can get Monarch Here.

7.    Email Optin Creator

You need some way to create optin forms in a number of different formats.

What do I mean by different formats?  Typically you will Inline, Sidebar, Bottom, Top, and Popup.

I have two different plugins that I use for this.  The first one is called PopUp.  This one does pretty much one thing, display great popups and there is a free version.

The other one that I have is called Optinmonster, which is a premium plugin and does everything.

You can get PopUps Here.  You can get OptinMonster Here.

8.    Contextual Related Posts

This one is just one that I like for displaying related posts at the end of your blog posts.  This is one of the good WordPress plugins out there.

It’s easy to configure and has a number of great options.  Again this is just my preference for this particular plugin.  That said you should have some way of showing off your other related posts.

You can get this plugin Here.

9.    MLSP Call to Action Widget

This is one of my favorites, but it is only available with the MLSP Sites Blogging System.  What this plugin does is allow you to very simple add MLSP system optin widgets anywhere on your blog.

This is a proprietary plugin that comes with MLSP Sites for free.

You can get this plugin and over 80 more Here.

10.  WP-SpamShield

Last but certainly not least is a very powerful Spam Blocker plugin.  This does exactly what you would think.  Blocks Spam!

You can get this plugin Here.

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So there you have my 10 recommended WordPress plugins for the blogger.  I will leave you with this if you are just getting started as a blogger and are not a techy then you really need to check out MLSP Sites.

This is the whole package plus so much more for building your online presence and building your business.

If this post, Top 10 Recommended WordPress Plugins for Bloggers, has helped you then please share and comment below.

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