Top 5 personal branding tips You Should Be Doing Today

Top 5 personal branding tips You Should Be Doing TodaySo you have decided to start your personal brand journey.  Today I want to share with you the Top 5 Personal Branding Tips that will get you started.

You’ve taken the first step by deciding to start branding yourself a create a personal brand, good for you.

The creating of a personal brand is a pretty straightforward process, but it does take some commitment and consistency.

Your personal branding should let people know about you, the Personal Side of YOU!

  • WHO Are You?
  • WHAT do you stand for?
  • WHO do you Serve?
  • HOW will you Serve Them?

You need to establish the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your brand.

With your personal branding, you are building credibility and instilling an authoritative element to your name, face and image.

Here Are Your 5 Personal Branding Tips

1.    Your Domain Name

You may wonder what’s in the name, but it’s one of the most important things you can do when it comes to personal branding.

I’m lucky I have a pretty straightforward and easy to remember name so it made perfect sense for me to use RonDeering.com as my domain name.

If on the other hand you have a name like, Engelbert Humperdinck then you might want to use a variation to make things easier to type and find.

So make sure you have chosen a personal, domain name to use on your personal branding blog and not something you might think is catchy or to unique.

2.    Your Target Audience

Who-is-your-target-audienceAnother critical area to make sure you focus on especially in the beginning is your target audience. Even if you have been branding and marketing yourself or your business for a while, take some time to look at this again.

Speaking and marketing to the “right” target audience, also called target avatar, is essential if you are to become a personal branding expert. And ya need to be if you want your business to really take off. Here’s blog written by Jeff McGeary on Why Identify A Target Avatar.

3.    Personal Branding Photos

These days standard and boring corporate headshots are not going to cut it, everyone has one of those on their LinkedIn profile so they get lost in a sea of expressionless faces. You need photos that are fun and help express who you are without saying a word.

So turn your iPhone around and snap some cool shots. Also “lifestyle” photos of you around town, on vaca, with family, at events, etc. Let folks know who you really are!

This is one of those personal branding tips where you may want to consider a few professional shots too. I found a great local photographer on Craigslist when I got started and he took some awesome photos!

If you want people to remember who you are they have to be able to put a memorable face to the name.

4.    Your STORY

Tell YOUR StoryEveryone’s got a story and so do you.  Your personal story should form the basis of your personal branding statement.

You may not think that your story is so cool or impressive that people will even care.  You need to get those thoughts out of your head right now.

Your story, whatever it is will resonate with many people out there and you will never know who until you tell YOUR STORY! 

So after you read this sit-down and start putting your notes together and tell your story.

5.    Last But Certainly Not Least, Be Yourself

People love real people that they can relate to.  Remember that people do business with those they, Know, Like, and Trust.

If you make a few mistakes when you’re making those videos, it’s okay it makes you real.

Much of branding is attracting. By being yourself, you will ATTRACT the one’s who resonate with you and REPEL the one’s who don’t. This is what you want!

Learn to be comfortable with being YOU.  Just be the best you and you will attract people that resonate with you no matter how quirky you think you are.

You are you and a Rock Star so you need to get out there create your personal blog and start branding yourself.

In my video below I will share a few other personal branding tips, check it out and let me know what you think.

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