Treat Your Business Like a Hobby not a JOB!

Treat Your Business Like a Hobby not a JOB

Treat Your Business Like a Hobby not a JOB

WOW, bet you didn’t expect to see a title like that did you. You have heard the saying don’t treat your business like a hobby.  Sometimes I wish Network Marketers would treat their business like a hobby.  Typically if you have a hobby that you love you will research, study, learn, and become much better in the skills of the hobby.

I have friends that one of their hobbies are Fantasy Football.  They are fanatical about learning all about the players, the teams, the statistics, and everything about the game.  They strive to become experts so they can WIN!

I think a better saying would be don’t treat your business like a job!  I would venture to guess most people who are working in a job do just enough to get by.  They learn the skills they need to get the job done and nothing more.  Their real passion falls on their time off with their families and their HOBBIES!

Flying was my hobby when I was younger and I spent hours in training and keeping up with all the new regulations.  I also spent many hours honing my skills so I could become a better Pilot.  The cost of the training was great but well worth it for me to become a better flyer.

Think about some of your friends that hunt or fish.  They spend hours learning about the prey they will be hunting, also spending money on the next best gun, scope, or gear.  They will go to no ends to make sure they are the best at their HOBBY!

Think about all the hobbies you’ve had over the years and the passion, learning, and training that you did.  The bottom line most people work hard at their hobby because it’s something they don’t feel they can do for a profession!

Now let’s talk about the almighty JOB (Just Over Broke).  We typically get up each morning dreading the fact the we are on our way to build someone else’s dream instead of our own.  We may not think of it that way, but we hate it just the same.

We do just what we need to do to get by each week and maybe now and again a little extra to see if we will get a small bonus or pay raise.  Some people are lucky enough to get a JOB that they love but that is not the norm.

Forbes reports that “70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs.”  That tells me that most people would probably want to being perfecting their hobby!

Our JOB’s afford us very little personal grow, real satisfaction at a job well done, and the upward mobility that we would love given the chance.  Corporations are the Ultimate Pyramid structure.  The guy at the top (CEO) gets the majority of the money and what is the chance of the average worker getting to that position.

So the next time some ask you if you are treating your home business like a hobby, you can tell them NO but I intend to start RIGHT NOW!  The next step is to take it from that passionate hobby to the profession that you will LOVE and be successful at.

So treat it like the hobby you love and build it like a professional of this great profession!

Please pass this on to your team and comment below.

God Bless and Have a Blessed Day.

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