Understand what it means to learn how to make one million dollars – Tip #5


I want to start today’s tip with a direct quote for Ray’s blog article –“Don’t look at a million dollars (or even a billion) as some pie in the sky goal, look at it for what it is. If you want to learn how to make one million dollars, learn how to add one million dollars or more worth of value to your marketplace.”

WOW, that’s a bold statement, but it’s coming from someone who has made a million dollars doing just that.  Ray Higdon is a great example of how adding value to your profession whatever it is will make you a Million Dollars.

Are there many other paths to making a million dollars, yes of course.  Some have made their millions in Real Estate, others in the Stock Market, and yet others in Goods & Services.

This tip and article, though are all about Network Marketing/Internet Marketing.  I believe totally in what Ray is talking about.  The more value you give to the community the more you become a recognized expert and someone that people can look to for knowledge and coaching.

I love his philosophy of “If You Want to Make More Money, Learn To Solve the Problems of More People.”  This reflects the epitome of what Network Marketing is all about, Helping Others.

The business world is filled with challenges that people are looking to find solutions for.  They are going to go to the people who understand those challenges and understand some real solutions.  Joe Plumeri, an incredible financier, used to say “I know more than you, pay me.”  He never said it to be cocky, but to impress upon us that people have challenges and we had solutions that worked because of what we knew.

Ray has a system called ILT, Invest, Learn, Teach that I can tell WORKS!  I’ve been using it with my blogging for the past few weeks and the increase in my traffic and alexa.com ratings have changed drastically.

His system is to Invest in your education, whether free or paid or combination.  Then Learn everything you can about the challenges your profession is experiencing and then Teach Others.  Very simple system but the most effective way to help others and make income while you do.

This tip is going to be a little shorter than the others, not because it’s not as important, but because it’s really straight forward.  If you want to make a Million Dollars Help More people in your profession by solving their challenges and problem.  The more value you add to your community the more it will come back to you in financial well being.

I hope this tip has given you some value that you can pass on to your team.  Please share and comment below.

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