Using Live Video Streaming To Become a Marketing CelebrityUsing Live Video Streaming is one way to brand yourself and become an online marketing celebrity while building your Business.

What seems to be the rage today for most of the top marketers is to use live video streaming to brand themselves.

Using platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, SnapChat, and Blab.

Understanding how to use these properly and consistently is key to becoming a Marketing Celebrity In your Niche.

I want to share with you something that will help you start your Live Video Streaming journey with confidence.

Using Live Video Streaming To Become a Marketing Celebrity

Biggest Mistakes

  • Branding your business instead of branding yourself.
    Basically, this is the old spamming your business links and video everywhere
  • Leading with your Business, Product or Service
  • Being Inconsistent

How To Reach Celebrity Status Using Live Video Streaming

  • FREE Valuable Content is the foundation of your success
  • Videos are 800% more effective than any other type of marketing
  • Live Video is, even MORE, Effective.
  • The ultimate way to define your brand and begin to build your following is to do a Live Show every day for 30 days.

6 Key Ingredients to Building Your Celebrity Status

  1.    Long-term Vision
  2.    Your Online Branding Infrastructure
  3.    Daily Method of Operation: Active Prospecting & Passive Marketing
  4.    System to Capture Leads
  5.    Convert Leads into Clients
  6.    Cultivate Long Term Relationships

I love what Nadya Melton teaches in her training – “Visibility + Credibility = Profitability.”

What you want to do is pick one Social Media to perfect to direct all of your traffic to your Ultimate Hub: Your Blog.

Too many times people spread themselves so thin that they end up accomplishing NOTHING.

Pick a platform to do your Live Videos and build your audience and following sending them back to your Hub.

Your Social Media Profile is

  • A Warm Market Generator
  • Your Own TV Channel!!!

Here are 7 Social Media Branding Secrets That Nadya shared that are amazing.  If you want to become a Celebrity this is where you start.

  1. Social Media Profile = Your Mini Website
  2. Upload your best photo (People want to know whom they are interacting with)
  3. Your cover photo should be branded to you, not your business
  4. Fill out the about section in a way that edifies you & provokes curiosity
  5. Run your newsfeed like a TV Channel (Don’t be an infomercial)
  6. Don’t be boring (Entertain-Inspire-Educate)
  7. Use VIDEOS – Videos are 800% more effective than text.

Types of Live Video

  • How to – Education based Marketing
  • Interviews
  • Presentation / Webinar
  • Vlog Style

FB Live VS Periscope

 FB Live Periscope
  •  More Viewers
  • Less Viral Effect
  • Few Trolls with Goals
  • Better Quality
  • Easier to Connect
  •  Push Notifications
  • Easier to Share & Go Viral
  • Lots of Trolls with Goals
  • Better Engagement

What Makes a Great Broadcast?

  1.    Get Audience Attention
  2.    Introduce Yourself
  3.    Valuable generic content
  4.    Be Real
  5.    Be brief and HAVE FUN!!
  6.    Always end with a CTA that is congruent with your content.

Lastly What Not To Do

  • Get discouraged with only a few people when you start
  • Do them once in awhile and expect big results – remember that consistency is the KEY!
  • Don’t go for perfection – “You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, but You Do Have To Start To Get Great!”
  • People LOVE Reality TV!

At the end of the day, you need to show up every day and be consistent.

Just try doing a video every day for 30 days and I promise you will hone your skills and become unstoppable.

How would you feel if you woke up when day and you ran into someone on the street and they recognized you and told you that they were following your show online.

Wouldn’t that make you feel like a Celebrity?

If you would like more training on Video Marketing then you need to check out Video Marketing Insider and Video Marketing Secrets.

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