Video Marketing 3 Simple Tips to Get Over Your FearsI’m sure you keep hearing all about how important video marketing is for building your brand and your business.  I’m going to give you 3 tips to get over the fear.

I have a friend and mentor Mark Harbert that is a wizard when it comes to video marketing.  If you really want to learn from the master his course “Tube Traffic Mojo” is incredible.

The challenge most of us have been that we plan on getting started with video marketing, but we let the fears we have held us back.

Funny story, I have spent a good portion of my life in front of people in seminars, training, and teaching, but when it came time to sit in front of that camera and do my first video.

That camera looked like the muzzle end of a high powered rifle just waiting to fire at my first mistake.

I had every excuse I could think of why I shouldn’t do a video that day.  My hair, lighting, had to do my nails, etc.


1.     Don’t Over Think It

This was probably my biggest challenge.  I would spend way to much time trying to lay things out and make sure I hit all the points in the video that I plan to.

I spent entirely too much time over thinking a 3-minute video.

Just get your 4 parts to a good video content together and DO IT!  Don’t Over Think It!

2.     Perfection is just Procrastination with another name!

This is one that I hear all the time.  It has to be perfect before I can put it out there.  People do take after take after take.

You have to get over this or you will never get one video ever published.  You will have a lot of out-takes, but no real takes to share with your target market.

Video Marketing is really about being real and letting people see your vulnerabilities.  You will never be perfect and it’s just an excuse to not get in front of the camera so Stop It!

3.     JUST DO IT!

I can tell from my experience over the years of my life that the biggest cure for any FEAR is to take ACTION!

When you start taking action your fear gets less and less.  It may never go away, but I promise it won’t stop you anymore.

Just start putting videos out there no matter how bad and something magic will happen.  They will get better and you will get better.

It’s just that simple!



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