Video Marketing Equipment: Getting Started With The BasicsIf you are wondering what video marketing equipment you need to get started, then wonder no more.  I’m going to show you the basics.

If you are getting started with Video Marketing and want a great resource on exactly how to market here it is.

Before you can start your video career you need to know what video marketing equipment to have.

As you can see in the picture to the left it certainly can get overwhelming, but be of good cheer this is WAY MORE than you need.

I can tell you when I first started I was just using my webcam on my laptop and that was it.  Was it great maybe not but it was done.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. – Zig Ziglar

Video Marketing Equipment: Getting Started With The Basics

1.    Camera

I will start by saying you could get by with just this item for a long time and be perfectly fine.  There are two low-cost options that I would recommend.

First, you could use the webcam on your laptop, assuming you have a laptop or you could purchase a low-cost webcam.

Second, you could use your smartphone which is probably a very high-quality camera already.

I would recommend you smartphone over the webcam, but that’s just my preference.

The point to this is that you really don’t have to go out and get an expensive camera to start making videos.  Use what you already have.

All excuses are gone now. 🙂

2.     Microphone

The rest of these items are purely optional, but I would recommend them when you can afford to get them.

lapel microphoneI currently have two mics that I use depending on what type of recording that I’m doing.

The one I probably use the most is my Lapel Mic connected to my iPhone.

It’s very clear and no muss no fuss.  Just plug it in and go.  It comes with a case that makes it easy to take anywhere you go.

This one costs around $20.

The second microphone that I use is a little more sophisticated and a little more expensive.

Blue YetiThis is the Blue Yeti and it’s a table top model and has a USB connection to my laptop.  I even went so far as to get a USB adaptor for my iPhone and it actually works on my iPhone, not recommended over the lapel microphone for that application.

I primarily use this mic when I’m doing a screencast and really don’t need my face in the video but do want to have great audio.

Again this is not required, but it’s worth having as you get further along because audio is very important.  Cost – around $110.

3.     Tripod

minitripodTripods come in all shapes and sizes.  I currently have two of these very inexpensive models.

One is a full standing tripod that, honestly I don’t use very often.

The other one I have is my mini-tripod that I love and is perfect for most everything I do. Cost – $36

4.     Selfie Stick

selfie stickThis again is not a necessity, but certainly makes things easier if you are going to be out and about and don’t want to have to stop and set up a tripod before you can start shooting your video.

Again there are a lot of selfie sticks out there, but here’s the one I recommend.

This particular model comes with a lot of extras thrown in that are pretty cool.  Things like a Bluetooth remote control and the ability to turn the selfie stick into a tripod if you need to.

This has all the bells and whistles you should ever need.  Cost $35

5.     Lighting

lighting kitThis one is very much an option but you might find as you get better and better at your videos that your lighting may become something you want to tweak.

I personally started with just putting daylight bulbs in my overhead lights in my office and trying that.  It may a huge difference so I knew I wanted to look into some better lighting.

So I found this lighting kit for around $100 that came with a green screen two lights and stands.

This is probably a bit of overkill for you at this point, but may be something you want to invest in later down the road.  Cost – $115

Just in case, you had a question as to what video editing software I use, I mostly use Screenflow and sometimes Camtasia Mac.

VIDEO: Video Marketing Equipment: Getting Started With The Basics


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