Video Marketing Tips From Video Marketing Guru Mark HarbertI wanted to share 3 Video Marketing Tips that I got from a webinar that video marketing guru Mark Harbert shared the other day.

If you are struggling with your video marketing or just starting then Mark is the guy you really need to connect with.

If you don’t know Mark Harbert then you are missing out.  His training on video marketing is nothing short of amazing

If you take the time to implement these 3 simple video marketing tips you will be amazed how this will change your video marketing significantly.

Video Marketing Tips – 3 Easy Tips

When I started doing videos I really had no clue.  I sat in front of my iPhone and started talking and then published to youtube and hoped for the best.

Here are 3 things that helped immensely.

1.     Stay away from scripting videos as the primary source for doing your video.

This is one that I started out trying.  Writing my script down in my notes on my laptop and then putting it on the screen and reading them like a teleprompter.

Not a Good Thing!

People need to know that you are real and vulnerable.  The more they can relate to you the better.

As soon as I changed how I was doing this part things changed.

People started watching more and staying longer.  I became a real person to them instead of a scripted talking manakin.

Be you and people will want to watch you and relate to you.  Are you going to make mistakes, of course, you will that’s the great part everyone does.

That’s what makes it real and will help your video marketing go viral much easier.

2.     Stress a certain point or topic that benefits the people that follow you, your niche market and their challenges.

Make sure you are hitting the points that address the pain of your niche.  If you are just babbling on and on about nothing that is going to help your niche they won’t watch.

Not saying that once in awhile a fun video isn’t something that helps brand you more and helps with making you more real.

But a majority of your videos should be addressing some pain or challenge that you can help your particular niche with.

This is what is going to establish you as the go-to guy or gal.

You want to become a problem solver.

People are searching for answers to challenges they are having and want to get them from YOU!

3.    Call To Action – that is congruent….

Here’s the one thing that most people just forget!

When I’m talking about a call to action I don’t mean to ask people to share and like.

I’m talking about a real call to action that get’s you a LEAD!

Inviting them to join your newsletter, or offering them a FREE something by just entering their name and email.

These are the call to actions and if acted on will get you a lead.  The others are great and should be said but you don’t get leads from them.

Probably the most important of these Video Marketing Tips is this one.  Without a call to action, all you have is a nice video.

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VIDEO: Video Marketing Tips From Video Marketing Guru Mark Harbert


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