Webinar Marketing is probably one of the most, if not the most effective way to build your business online and increase your income exponentially!

Understanding the in’s and out’s of Webinars is essential for effective marketing.

In this series, I’m going explaining the main areas of Marketing using Webinars.

Part 1 Why You Should Use Webinar Marketing

The best training I’ve ever had on this subject was with the MLSP system.

And the best product on Webinar Magic is Steve Jaffe’s Webinar Sales Magic Course!

I’m going to be explaining three main reasons you should be doing webinars in this post.

1.    Scheduled Events Get More Attention and Commitment

The experts have found that a scheduled event gets significantly more attention than those not scheduled.

If you compare this to your own personal life you will see this to be true.

Those events that you have RSVP’d and made a commitment to are more likely to be attended.

With just a verbal commitment you will feel like you can back out if needed.

You will find that it works the same way online with Webinar Events.

We have a whole different attitude when we have committed to be at these events.

I certainly find myself more focused and committed when I’m attending a webinar compared to maybe a Facebook Live event I just stumbled on.

Why, because I made the commitment to do something and I take that seriously!

2.   You Get Immediate Authority and Trust with Webinars

You can walk into any classroom in the world, and the first thing you know is who is the authority in the room.

The person at the front teaching the class.

When you are doing webinars you become that person, that authority figure in front of the room.

Because you are immediately put in that position it creates a level of trust that’s hard to duplicate anywhere else.

When you understand the old marketing truth, that people only buy from those they know like and trust you understand why webinars are so powerful!

3.   Using Webinars for Marketing will Cause Your Income To Explode

When done correctly, a Webinar can cause a dramatic increase in your income and your business.

Just think back to the days of doing meetings with 50 – 100 people in the chairs.

Remember how easy it seemed to recruit and sell products during those meetings.

The fact is when you’ve got a great audience, with a great presentation that gets and keeps their interest, gives value, builds desire, and asks for the sale… you can get a number of people buying and joining all at the same time.

This means for your Network Marketing business you can easily sponsor 12 – 18 reps into ANY opportunity each month, or earn $2,000 – $4,000 in commissions every time you do a simple 60-90 minute presentation.


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Part 1 Why You Should Use Webinar Marketing – Summary

The bottom line, if you are going to be marketing and building your Network Marketing business online then you need to be doing Webinars!

This is by far the best and fastest way to reach more people with your presentation and message.

Because of the authority and trust, you gain with Webinars your success rate is much higher and faster.

So, if you are not doing webinars and/or just don’t know how to begin you need to check out Steve’s Course and become a member of MLSP, period!

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