When it comes to Webinar Marketing one of the greatest threats to your success is letting your fears hold you back from starting.

One of the biggest setbacks you will experience in your webinar journey is overcoming your fears.

You will need to choose which fear will dominate your success.

The fear of what others may think of you or the fear of losing your dreams.

The good news is that your fears are not the difficult to slay.

Webinar Marketing Part 2 – Getting Past Your Fears

Once you have moved past your fears you are going to find yourself wondering what took you so long.

I want to share with you four tips on exactly how to get past your fears.

1.   Have a Proven Successful Webinar System to Follow

Just like anything having a proven system can make the difference between success and failure.

Don’t overlook the importance of great training and learning a successful system.

Having the right training will certainly help transform your fears into confidence.

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2.  Do a Practice Run of Your Webinar

As important as this tip is I don’t want you to get stuck in the Practice Mode.

Too many people start with a practice run and then keep doing them until they think they are perfect.

One of the cool things about webinars is that you can do a  practice run without an audience.

In fact, you can do a couple.

Do one alone, and then do another with a friend watching.

You can record your presentation, watch it, and then work out the kinks.

Just remember not to get caught up in the practice mode.

3.  Draw On The Support of Other Webinar Marketers

I can’t stress this tip enough.

You NEED to draw from the support of a community of leaders and successful people.

There is just nothing like getting support from others.

Especially those who have been or are in the same situation as you are.

One such community is MLSP and I can’t recommend them enough.

The supportive community they provide is nothing short of amazing!

4.  Just Do It and Take Action

Nothing conquers fear faster than taking action.

Not just simple action but MASSIVE Action!

If you always remember that on the other side of the fear is all of the hopes and dreams for your life.

Without getting past your fears you will never reach those dreams!

Watch the Video Below to Find Out How to Get Past Your Webinar Phobia!

Webinar Marketing Part 2 – Getting Past Your Fears – Summary

Understanding that you should do webinars is the first step.

Getting past your fears is the next step and a must if you are going to have success.

Start taking action, getting over your fears, and having the success you deserve.

So, if you are not doing webinars and/or just don’t know how to begin you need to check out Steve’s Course and become a member of MLSP, period!

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