The only way that Webinar Marketing works when it comes to leads and making sales is for you to make sure people get registered to attend.

Having a successful promotion strategy is the key and luckily you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Webinar expert Steve Jaffe has already hashed out all of the that for you in his Webinar Sales Magic course.

Webinar Marketing Part 3 – Marketing Promotion Strategy

Below I’m going to share with you 2 surefire tips to get a flood of people to Register For Your Webinars.

1   Create Your Title With A USP ( Unique Selling Proposition )

If you are going to attract registrants to your webinars then you need a title that stands out from everyone else.

Here’s where your title comes into play.

Your title must let your target market know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your webinar will address their pain points and provide the solution(s).


Bad Headline – “Facebook Advertising Secrets”

Good Headline – ” Facebook Leads For Haters: How To Generate 30 – 50 Leads Per Day On Facebook (For $3,00 Per Lead Or Less) Even If You HATE Facebook!”

The “Good” example is certainly unique and will make your webinar stand out from the others.

You’re making a specific promise (proposition) of 30-50 leads per day which everybody would love.

You are also hitting the two most common objections right in your headline (wasted money and time).

It should be pretty easy to see why the “Good” headline is better and would pull significantly more registrants.

2.   High Converting Webinar Registration Page

Seems pretty obvious, right?

Here’s exactly what we mean.

Higher conversions come from shorter, punchier, benefit-packed registration pages.

1.   Your Headline

This is your USP which we spoke about above in tip number one.

2.   Bullets

Here is where you should 5 – 7 bullet points that tell your prospects what you will be covering during the webinar.

Most important here are the benefits they will receive from attending!

3.   Credibility of the Presenter

Here is where you explain why the presenter is the authority to host the webinar.

4.   Registration Button

A highly visible button, with a call to action, that’s above the fold.


Webinar Marketing Part 3 – Summary

The key to having high numbers register for your webinars are USP and High Converting Registration Page.

Again, if you are wanting to become a Webinar Marketing Monster you NEED to get Steve’s Course Here.

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