The final part of Webinar Marketing is creating a Webinar that converts like crazy and does the job you’ve intended it to do, sells.

Having a structure that converts consists of getting ATTENTION, creating INTEREST, building DESIRE and getting attendees to take ACTION!

Webinar Marketing Part 5 – Creating The Webinar

In the section below I’m going to share with you a three-part structure that will turn your webinars into converting machines!

1.  The Intro Must Get Their ATTENTION

You should begin your webinar with a bold promise.

Why should the attendee stay for the webinar?

What will be the main benefit(s) the attendee will receive?

To Build Interest and Desire Tell YOUR Story!

It’s amazing how powerful a great story is and how it will hold a person’s attention.

A great story will give them the hope and reason to keep watching knowing what’s possible for them

Every story should have a beginning, middle, and end to it.

•  The Beginning – This is the part where you tell them where you were before.  What your struggles were.
Be sure to describe the feelings that went along with this part of the story and all of the challenges and other people’s thoughts.

•  The Middle – In this part of the story you reveal where you had your epiphany in your journey.
You are letting your attendees know exactly what it was that changed your journey forever!

•  The End – Now it’s time to share with them your results or the AFTER in your journey.
This will show them what’s possible for them when they learn what you have learned.

You need to make them FEEL exactly what it’s like to have the SUCCESS you are speaking of.

They need to relate to you and feel like you are one of them, not some superhero that they could never be.

This is the part where you create the KNOW Factor of Know, Like, and Trust.

2.  Your Training PRESENTATION

In this section is where you give your training and earn their TRUST.

Give them 30 – 40 minutes of training where you give them some great meat but not the whole meal.

You need to give them enough that they can get results from the training.

Make sure you let them know that it’s going to take time, effort, and energy to put what you have taught into play.

However, there is a system/course/strategy that will FAST TRACK their results without all of the pitfalls that you had to go through.

Here is where you should remind them that you will be revealing even more and their bonus if they stay until the end.

3.  The Close and Call To ACTION


ONLY promote things that you have used, are using, and feel good about selling.  Don’t promote something just because you’ll get a big fat commission!

In this section, you need to hit five points to close the webinar.

•  Describe What They’ll Get – Give them the features of your product, service, or opportunity.  Try and answer any challenges or objections they may have had with the presentation.

•  Remember Use Scarcity to Create Urgency – Set a strict time limit for the bonus and a limit to the number of items that are available. (And stick to it!)

•  Establish Value of Your Product – Share comparisons with other product or services that cost more with less value.

•  Add Bonuses – Give them bonuses that compliment your product or service.  These should be so valuable that they are worth the cost on their own.

•  Finish Up With A Strong Call-To-Action to BUY NOW!


Webinar Marketing Part 5 – Summary

Putting it all together for the final part is the icing on the cake.  Take the time to practice and make this part amazing and exciting.

It will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your webinars.

Using the above three tips will increase your attendance and make your Webinar much more successful!

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