Webinar Marketing - How and Why do Webinar MarketingDid you know that Webinar Marketing is one of the most effective and successful ways to market online?  Well, it is and I will show you how and why.

In today’s post, I’m going to go through some of the in’s and out’s of webinar marketing. If this is something you’ve been wanting to start this post is for you.

One of the things I am finding is that most people have no idea why they should be using webinars and if they do they have no clue on how to do a great webinar.

It’s about using technology to create more profits in your business.

We are going to go through these Webinar Marketing things

  • Webinar Marketing Statistics – The Why
  • Creating A Webinar
  • Webinar Resources
  • webinar marketing automation

If you following any of the top earners, you will notice one thing about them.  They seem to be always doing webinars.

My mentor and friend, Ray Higdon is always doing webinars that are packed with value and great content.

Webinar Marketing In’s and Out’s

1.    The Why

What would you rather do, present in front of one prospect at a time or prospect in front of 100’s at a time?  Silly question right.

There is nothing more powerful than doing webinars.  It’s an extremely leveraged strategy to build your business and your team.

You can expose multitudes the same way that you would do a large meeting without all of the cost and setup time it takes.

If you learn how to automate your webinar marketing you can literally start building on autopilot.

Webinars have the highest sales conversion rate of any medium. Higher than Sales Letters, Sales Videos and similar conversion to Selling from the Stage.

They are a scheduled Event.  Heightened Attention. Marketing to a captive audience.

You educate prospects on everything they need to make an informed decision.

People perceive you as an authority (even if they don’t register or attend).

Increase sales of other products in your funnel.

2.     Creating a Webinar

The steps to creating a webinar break down into 5 steps.

1.     The presentation creation

2.     Creating the Registration Page/Thank you page

3.     Marketing the Registration Page

4.     Doing the Webinar

5.     Following Up on the Attendees

You just do the same thing for every webinar and the more you do it the better and faster you will become.  Here’s the course I took to learn all about these 5 steps and so much more.

Understand that each one of these steps is very important and worth learning how to do them correctly.  Taking that course changed everything for me when it comes to doing webinar marketing.

3.     Webinar Resources

There are a number of resources that you can choose from to do webinars.  I’m going to share 4 with you that are the most popular.

1.     Google Hangouts –

this option is free and a very good option when you are first starting out.  You will need to have a Gmail account but other than that it’s pretty straightforward and there aren’t any limitations to the number of attendees.

2.     Goto Meeting – 

This is a paid service that a lot of the top leaders use.  It has been around for a long time and is very reliable.  It can be a bit costly but not so bad when you start and you are presenting to a small audience.  You can find that here.

3.     Webinars On Air –

 Webinars On Air is a webinar platform that is based on the google hangout system.  This is also a paid system that add some great additional functionality to google hangouts that make it much more professional.  You can find that here.

4.    WebinarJam –

WebinarJam is another platform base on the google hangout system.  This is the system I use because of everything they have done to make this such a professional platform.  They have done a great job creating some incredible bells and whistles to help you do better and more professional webinars.  You can find that here.

4.     Webinar Marketing Automation

Automated webinars or what are typically called evergreen webinars are so very powerful.  These are webinars that appear to be live but are recordings.

They are basically one of the purest forms of time freedom.  Building for you on autopilot.

Allows you to deliver the perfect message every time.  You can create the perfect message with editing or re-recording the video.

If you really want to be automated this is a great way to do it.

Both Webinars On Air and WebinarJam have evergreen/automated webinar capabilities.

There you have it Webinar Marketing in a nutshell.



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