Webinar System Recommendation: WebinarJam

Webinar System Recommendation: WebinarJam

There are so many different webinar systems out there to choose from.  The Webinar System that I have found that gives me the most bang for the buck is a system called WebinarJam.

Webinars have become one the most preferred methods for selling, generating leads and recruiting new reps.  I will tell you that I’m a fanatic about blogging and the incredible value and marketing you can do.

That said, I’m finding that doing webinars is running a close second.

I’ve looked at a number of systems that are out there right now and this one just seem to excel across the board.

Here are some of the Webinar Systems that I’ve Looked into.

1     WebinarJam
2.    GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar
3.    Webinars On Air
4.    Google Hangouts
5.    AnyMeeting

I want to show you a graphic that compares three of the ones from the list just so you can get an idea about the features and pricing.

webinarjam-comparisonTo see the graphic bigger just click on the picture.

This is a comparison between WebinarJam, GotoWebinar and Google Hangouts.

I want to be perfectly clear on this one point.  WebinarJam uses the Google Hangout technology but as you can see makes it a real marketing and webinar system.

So before I get to the benefits of this system let’s talk a little about why Webinars.

Why Should You Use a Webinar System?

Have you ever been to a live meeting with a presenter in the front of the room that’s nailing the presentation.

Then towards the end of the presentation he or she announces that they have a book, tape or some product for sale and the room rushes to the back of the room to get their copy.

Now let’s go to the webinar and understand it’s the same concept.  You are the presenter and the attendees are the audience are the ones that are wanting your product.

So can you see the value in doing webinars now?

Webinars are the best way to get in front of a lot of people, they give you authority, they get people to know and like you.

It’s one of the best ways I know to leverage your time and efforts.

How would you like to build your business doing one webinar a week and leveraging your business building?

Okay here’s my only training pitch for this blog.  One of the best, if not the best training on building your business using webinars is by Steve Jaffe.

The Benefits of WebinarJam!

So I’m going to pretty much list the benefits and features below.  I will tell you that no other system that I have seen has all of these features.  Some may have some of them, but no one system has all the features I’m going to show.


1.     Unlimited Attendees
2.     Unlimited Webinars
3.     Control Center
4.     Attendee Spotlight
5.     Active Offers Buttons
6.     Urgency Countdown Times
7.     Scarcity Control Units Remaining
8.     Video Engine for Hybrid Webinars
9.      FeedBack Flow with Live Alerts
10.    Replica Replay
11.    Custom Surveys
12.    Automatically record your sessions
13.    High Converting registration Pages
14.    Autoresponder integration
15.    Post-Webinar reminder Emails
16.    One-Click Signup Techology
17.    Detailed Analytics
18.    No Anonymous trolls-Ban anyone
19.    Control and Filtered chat rooms
20.   Embedded registration on your site or blog
21.    Custom branded registration pages
22.    SMS reminders
23.    Create Polls on the Fly
24.    Push Real-Time offers & Call to Action
25.    Mass-redirect your audience
26.    Export registration list
27.    Webcam and Desktop sharing
28.    Pay-per-attend webinars
29.    Social Media Integration
30.    Embed the Webinar window
31.    Webinar Pre Live page with countdown
32.    Browser Based Viewing
33.   Live chat for unlimited people
34.   Post Links in chat
35.   Conference Room in browser
36.   Viral thank you pages
37.   Attend webinar on mobile

Need I say more.  Now some will say that the Google Hangout system isn’t reliable or has some challenges.  I have yet to have a challenge with it to this point.  They are getting better and better.

I will tell you that Google is making it better and better.  For all of the benefits and features you get with this system I’m just BLOWN AWAY and the price is just ridiculous compared to the other good solutions.

Well, that’s my review for the day and I can’t tell you how excited I am about using this system.

WebinarJam Studio really rocks!

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