[mindset] What Are Your Limiting Beliefs and How Will You Breakthrough?

[mindset] What Are Your Limiting Beliefs and How Will You Break through?What are your limiting beliefs and how are you going to break through them and overcome your mindset limitations?

I woke up this morning with this on my mind and then someone shared an article in news-press.com interviewing my upline, mentor and friends Ray & Jessica’s Interview.

I would encourage you to watch the interview.

One of the things that stood out for me was when Jessica talked about her limiting beliefs at the beginning of here Network Marketing career.

She talked about being at a seminar where they had here write on two sides of a board.  On one side, she wrote “She was too young” and on the other side she wrote “Youth Is Power.”

Then she broke the board.  It was an incredible breakthrough for her and it certainly got me thinking.

[VIDEO] What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

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Here is a small list of things that I think are Limiting Beliefs

  1. I’m Too Young
  2. I’m Too Old
  3. I Don’t Speak Well
  4. I’m Too Shy
  5. I’m overweight
  6. I stutter
  7. I’m Afraid to Speak in Public
  8. I Don’t Have any Close Friends
  9. I Have a Bad Background
  10. I’m too Short
  11. I’m too Tall

These are just a few that I thought about off the top of my head.   Do you see any of them there that fit for you?

If you do have any of these or maybe different ones, how are you going to overcome those beliefs?

Let me tell you my story and my breakthrough.

I recently started building, blogging and doing videos for online marketing.  My initial mindset was that “I’m Too Old.”

I knew I had to come up with a breakthrough or I wasn’t going to do anything but sit back and make excuses.

board breakingSo I created my own board and on one side it said, “I’m Too Old” and on the other side it said, “Age is Power and Wisdom.”

I can tell you that after I broke through that belief and changed my mindset all sorts of things started happening.

My blogging became consistent, I started doing daily videos and now I’m doing daily Periscopes and loving it.

I’ve learned to embrace my age and understand that I have so much to offer to others and this profession.

What are your limiting beliefs?  What do you need to put on your Board?

Sit down right now and make your list, get an, easily breakable, board and go through this exercise.  You will be amazed at what this will do for you.

Just Do It!

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