The Easy Answer To What Is Attraction MarketingWhat is Attraction Marketing and why are so many people talking about it and does it work for my Network Marketing Business?

Having a good understanding of what Attraction Marketing is can boost your business to the next level.

Attraction Marketing has been around for a long time now but is still misunderstood by most Network Marketers.

The Easy Answer To What Is Attraction Marketing

For those of us who remember the old days of Network Marketing this attraction marketing thing was a confusing concept at first.

We were all taught back then to go out and just spill the beans to everyone you came in contacted.

You remember that old “3-foot rule”, right?

I’m certainly not suggesting that this isn’t a good method of building your business.

What I am suggesting is that there may be a better way or at least another way to build.

What Is Attraction Marketing – The Answer

The simple answer is Marketing using Attraction and Value.

Attraction Marketing is the Art of being pully instead of pushy.

Attracting customers and prospects because of the value you consistently provide to your target market.

What Is Attraction Marketing – The Action

So, how do I accomplish this Attraction Marketing thing?

Provide VALUE consistently to your niche’ marketing.

Become the “Shell Answer Man” of your profession.

Be a part of the solution to the pain your market endures.

Whether you are a blogger, Video Marketer or Using Social Media always provide value and solutions.

Your ratio of value vs opportunity should be around 90/10 maybe 80/20.

You want to establish yourself as the HUNTED, not the HUNTER!

The Easy Answer To What Is Attraction Marketing – VIDEO

In conclusion, Attraction Marketing is another way of building your business.

I would love to hear about your marketing experiences and how you are using Attraction Marketing.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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