What is Attraction Marketing and Does It Work For Network Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing and Does It Work For Network Marketing?

This morning I was on a Periscope with my mentor and friend Ray Higdon.  His topic was basically Attraction Marketing and what it is.

So what exactly is the attraction marketing formula?  As a network marketer, attraction marketing is something you are hearing a lot about now and for many, it may be confusing to say the least.

Attraction Marketing is absolutely taking the MLM/Network Marketing industry by storm. But what is attraction marketing and how can you implement it in your business.

Attraction marketing burst on the scene a couple years ago and captivated a new generation of network marketers.

In MLM Attraction Marketing, the accent no longer falls on the merchandise or around the company, but on the particular person behind the business enterprise.

Attraction Marketing is all about adding value to the community and attracting people.

The days of saturating your social media profiles, your emails and all other communication with spamming your product and opportunity links are gone!

Is there anything wrong with letting people know the great benefits of your nutrition products, absolutely not.

The difference is that you are doing that after you have attracted the right people to you and they are asking YOU what you do and what products you have.

Remember people do business with those they “Know, Like and Trust.”

Does Attraction Marketing Work For Network Marketing?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Not only does it work for building your primary business, but because you are attracting people who want to know more about you, they are much better prospects.

what-is-network-marketingIt’s pretty amazing how people will start reaching out to you instead of you chasing down your friends and family to build your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day when you wake up there were people just waiting to connect with you because they were attracted to you and who you stand for.

Well, that’s what Attraction Marketing is all about and why it will work so well with your Network Marketing Business.

What’s The Difference Between Attraction Marketing and Network Marketing?

The big difference that I see is that with Traditional Network Marketing you are the one out there pursuing prospect and leads.

With Attraction Marketing, the prospects and leads are out there pursuing YOU!

Is There Value In Having and Using A System?

Again the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

There are two reasons that I believe having a good marketing system is so valuable.

One, having a proven marketing system allows you to leverage what others have done to create value and credibility our profession.

Secondly, having a good marketing system that allows you to make some upfront income while you build your primary business is huge!

If you are looking for a system that accomplishes both of these MLSP is my recommendation.  They have been around for a long time and have great most of the Leaders in our profession.

Having a good MLM Marketing System is key to building a large, sustainable organization.

So remember to change from chasing people and pushing people away you need to start putting value and solutions out and attracting people to YOU.

The person who attracts the most wins the most!

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I hope you now understand the importance of this type of Marketing and How it can explode your Business.

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