What Makes A Leader?

What is a Leader?

What is a Leader? The Truth about Leadership

This comes from an audio excerpt I recently listen to by John Maxwell in his series Leadership 2015.  This is from audio 10-“What Makes A Leader” and I thought that it would be worth sharing some of the highlights from this audio.

A book “emotional intelligence” by Daniel Golerman.  Leaders come in all different shapes and sizes but they all have these 5 emotional qualities.

Here are the 5 qualities of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Self-Awareness – the ability to recognize your moods , your emotions, your drive and how they effect other.
    The Hallmarks are:

    1. Self confidence
    2. Self appreciate humor
    3. Real self assessment
  2. Self Regulation – the ability to control or redirect destructive impulses
    The Hallmarks are:

    1. Trust worthiness
    2. Integrity
    3. Openness to change
    4. Comfortable with ambiguity
  3. Motivation – Passion to work, beyond money,
    The Hallmarks are:

    1. Strong drive to achieve
    2. Optimism in the face of failure
    3. Organizational Commitment
  4. Empathy – the ability to understand the emotion of other people.  High odds to build a organization.
    The Hallmarks are:

    1. Servants Heart
  5. Social Skills – the ability to socially network
    The Hallmarks are:

    1. Effect in leading change
    2. Persuasive
    3. Expert in building and leading change.

How these relate to leadership and a leaders.

1 – Self Awareness

  • Most people do not have the ability to see ourselves.
  • Who you are
  • Who you think you are
  • Who your family thinks you are
  • Who your friend think you are
  • Who your acquaintances think you are

The less we know about ourselves the more we will role play

Authentic people know them self.

  1. Consistency – moods, values, principles
  2. Openness and transparency
  3. Willingness to address weaknesses
  4. Understanding your values and what’s important to YOU!

Is the result of maturity and feedback and the willingness to change.

2 – Self Regulation

Most difficult challenge is to lead myself.  Doing what’s right even when no one is looking

  1. Us leading ourselves before we lead others
  2. Keep your standards high
  3. Higher than the standards anyone else has set for you.
  4. Never ask more of your people than you ask of yourself

What is it

  1. Leading yourself
  2. Creating an environment of trust and fairness
  3. Being accountable for your actions.

3 – Motivation

If there is one trait all leaders have it’s motivation.
Self motivation proceeds people motivation!  Lazy people won’t motivate anyone.
A Scoreboard is a necessity to make the changes you need to move forward.

  1. Drive to Achieve, passion is contagious
  2. Have a clear picture of what is important and trying to achieve
  3. The enjoy the challenge – winners stretch to the challenge and whiners shrink for the challenge.  Don’t send you Eagles to eat with the Ducks!
  4. Optimistic even during difficult times.

4 – Empathy

Thoughtfully considering the feelings of others when making a decision.  Understanding the Hearts of others before the mind. People won’t remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them FEEL!

  1. The increasing use of teams, understanding your team
  2. Globalization, understanding world cultures
  3. Need to retain talent, humility is the quality that leads

5 – Social Skills

Friendliness with a purpose, moving people in the direction you desire.
Believing in People, put a 10 on your people’s forehead and that’s what you’ll lead them to.
Loving people proceeds leading people

It is impossible to lead others with just the mind… you need the heart!

I hope this has given you some insight on what a true leader is.

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